This is also called, “working with the Devil”. To dissolve the “I” or in Latin, “Ego”, one must “steal the fire from the Devil”. Ego exerts control over the Five Inferior Centres. These are the Intellectual, Emotional, Motor, Instinctive, and Sexual. The Ego cannot have control over the Superior centres, the Superior Mind and Superior Emotions.

If we want to dissolve the Ego, we must study the Five Inferior Centres. This is done by comprehending Actions and Reactions of the Human Machine. One must have in depth knowledge of the Ego. Two people given a representation will react differently. One sees it as pleasant, the other, unpleasant. One is the mind, the other, emotion.

To understand the Ego, one must differentiate between the Mind and Feelings. In the Mind exists an entire program of Actions and Reactions. These must be carefully and fully comprehended. Within our feelings, there are affections that must be fully erased. Actions and reactions can easily be misplaced and confused with the Mind.

Movement: One must Self-discover and know our habits fully. The mechanical life cannot continue to develop. It is amazing that one lives in a “conditioned form” and does not know what formed it. Self-observance of everything is required. How one dresses, walks, speaks, etc. Intellect obstructs Movement because it is much slower.

An example of how Intellect is obstructive to the Motor is when we play sports. When we think about our actions there is a delay. When we use the Motor Centre, so these actions become fluid. A typist works in the Motor, but when they think about what it is being typed, the mind intervenes and then mistakes happen. Same with driving cars.

Instinct: Deep within every Human, there is a Sub-Human Instinct. This contains the power to remove the true Spirit of Love and Charity. Demonic forces so often, abide where the Sub-human Instinct is out of control. These forces must be comprehended and removed. It can lead to lust, cowardliness, fear and many other bestial emotions.

Nobody can attain Integrity or be Self-realized without control of the Sexual Force. An Integral Human has fused the Powers of Masculine and Feminine. In the Physical Plane, sex is a blind force of mutual attraction. In the Astral Plane, sex is more about Essence and the Mind. The attraction is the Alchemical Laws of the Mental Polarity.

In the World of Intent, sexual attraction is based on Conscious Willpower. It is of the Higher Dimension of the Soul which is where a complete union can be realized. It is not possible for one to achieve this state without the Fourth State of the Integration. One must Transcend the mechanistic problem of Sex as one is open to Influences.

Sexual: Since the woman is the Passive and Receptive Element, she stores more atomic substances from having sex with a man than the man does. This means that one absorbs atomic substances from all previous sexual partners when one has sex with someone. This becomes an extra form of “poison” when trying to dissolve Ego.

This extra “atomic burden” means that one is not just trying to remove all the defects of their own, but also the defects of those people with whom they have had sexual relations with. The other Inferior Centres have less of an impact. The whole purpose of Self-discovery is to bring the Death of Baphomet. Death of the Sinning, Lunar “I”.

First Integration: Mineral State. Dominion of the Physical Body and the Five Centres.

Second Integration: Vegetal State. Absolute control of the Astral Body and Chakras.

Third Integration: Humanisation of the Mental Body. The Mental Body or Shadow of every Human has an animal face or figure. When one forms the Christ Mind, we then achieve Mental Humanisation. We are only humans in appearance because inside we are animals. In the Mental Plane, the animal represents our individual character.

Fourth Integration: Sexual function creates the basis of the Soul. Those who can transmute this energy can incarnate their Soul.

Fifth Integration: Achieving this level represents the Impeccable Human Being.

Sixth Integration: Infinite Universal Compassion.

Seventh Integration: This is only possible by the Super-men or Super-Women. These people are Human gods.

The Mystery of Baphomet is Sexual Alchemy. The transformation of the Lead of our Personality into the Gold of our Spirit. A sexual transmutation. Ego is annihilated. A Door to Eden is created. The Demon Baphomet drives away the unprepared. Within us is the Enemy. We need to Dissolve the Ego, so to Steal the Fire from the Devil.


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