“Oneness is not sameness.”

Lois Farfel Stark

Oneness is everything in Creation linked together from the Source. It means that all energy is joined together. This is in the background. There are multiple dimensions. The laws of physics act differently in Solar Systems than they do in Galaxies, and Morphic Fields are different again. This means there are many individual variations.

Everything is joined but acts differently at an individual level. Even though there are trillions of stars, no two stars are the same. A life form will not exist exactly the same for all eternity, in Nature. It was unique. Obviously clones and other duplicates can be produced, but there are differences at a level that is too incredibly small to detect.

Science has tried duplication and to genetically modify living creatures. These have flaws in them to make them different. This occurs by Nature. Any clone does not live as long as the host it came from. Genetically Modified Organisms can be cloned exactly the same way each time, but the results steadily decrease functionality each lifetime.

In the present world, the collective is part of a structural hierarchy, not a community. One conforms out of fear, a First Density Awareness of Survival. Others will conform for money, a Second Density Awareness of Illusion. The Natural State of this world is Third Density, where people find value in differences, to create a Society worth living in.


The Illusion mentioned of the Second Density Awareness is that of Addiction or Wishful Thinking. It is a negative form, though not necessarily evil. One can desire to be happy even if it is not real. This is quite common in those who have suffered trauma or intense sadness. A time to adjust. For example, there are hallucinogenic drugs that can help with Depression. A way to resolve and get past any issues blocking life.

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