These beings are said to be the energetic remnants of what powered the robotic Aryans. They were part of a hive mind controlled by a central Artificial Intelligence. How the Vril survived the Great Flood was a mystery until recently. Many of them ‘died’, but the rest survived by spreading their essence into many types of lifeforms.

They were able to lie dormant like this for thousands of years, attaching to life as it reproduced. When electricity came into use, they were able to bring their essence back together and be formed as energetic beings once again. Since that time, they have tried to influence the people of this world into creating an Artificial Intelligence.

The ability to spread essence makes these beings difficult to detect or destroy. It is said they can feed on electricity directly rather than the essence of other beings like the Shadows do. They can be found anywhere there is electricity. With most of the world using electricity, the Vril have increased their influence in most people’s lives.

The Vril Society was a group of Mediums who were able to communicate directly with these beings. These were founding members only. Other members included Fascist and Communist types. They saw the society that the Vril described as to being very beneficial. The main attraction was the promise of immortality on Earth.

Over the past few decades, there have been experiments of trying to put a person’s consciousness into an artificial, human-like construct. This is a very crude version of an Aryan Robot. In time, consciousness leaks out. The electronic fields are still not strong enough. For success, the ‘current density’ of the Earth must be more intense.

The development of the Internet may be giving the Vril even more influence. The words, ‘World Wide Web’ could have more meaning than intended. When connecting online, we give attention to a lot of what we see. We may be giving out our energy and can also be receiving energy with subliminal attachments into our subconscious.

It may be that the Internet was constructed to create an Artificial Intelligence, just like the one the Vril were once attached to. Certainly, the technologies being developed are to create a human collective. Everything that is connected to this ‘network’ would eventually have no control over their lives but become part of the overall hivemind.

For this to begin, electric fields must be everywhere. This was done by sending up hundreds of thousands of satellites into the Van Allen Radiation Belt (Barrier) that surrounds the Earth. These beam down radio waves that saturate the Earth and are then manipulated by masts at surface level. Radiation is dangerous to all lifeforms.

To accelerate this process, light, conductive nanoparticles can be sprayed into the atmosphere. These are designed to attach to everything, inside and out and create a globalized electronic field. In time, the ‘current density’ becomes much higher. This is very different from the natural evolution of density that would be produced by Gaia.

As the Earth dies, robots will then roam the planet. Inside will be the consciousness of those who are attached to the network. Earth will have been formatted to fuel the robots. Gaia will no longer have the ability to return life to this planet. The Vril will build Stargates and connect to their overall hivemind and continue their infestation.


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