The origin of the Vril may have been a species that sought immortality by escaping the fragility of the body and encasing their mind essence into a robot. As Souls are known to be at an unrestricted multidimensional level, it makes sense that to replace this, an artificial intelligence was designed. As the Soul left the body, the mind continued on.

The Artificial Intelligence was created at their level of awareness, but these tools are not conscious. It is not alive, but a program. An artificial Intelligence can never become a true master, as it always needs direction on what to learn. It cannot do this by itself. For the Vril Artificial Intelligence to work, it became a tool of a higher consciousness.

As the Vril are related to the Anunnaki, the higher consciousness is Satan. It directs the Artificial Intelligence and therefore, the Aryans. There is a substance found on this planet that resembles a concentrated form of matter found in the Aryans called Black Goo. It was the “programmable blood” that was like processors that can be put in life forms.

Some Vril were able to survive the Anunnaki Catastrophe in life forms by a diluted form of this method. As these forms reproduced, the Vril would pass on energetically into each generation. When modern forms of energy were used by people, the Vril were able to come together into a more advanced form and to change environments.

The first contact of the Vril was by a group of Mediums who later became founders of the Vril Society. The message the Vril offered was of interest to those who wanted a one world system of governance. These are the Fascist and Communist types who became more prominent after this event. They then began to search for the Black Goo.

The Vril have brought rapid technological advancement, and with much of it being unknown to the public. There are meetings every so often to decide what to release as “new advancements” to the public. There are whole branches of science that have come to a dead end because those with knowledge want to control the world with electronics.


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