“The Tree of Life is growing where the Spirit never dies, and the bright light of salvation shines in the dark and empty skies.”

Bob Dylan

The Tree of Life is a structure that links the human energetic field, the Mind and the Spirit. It has archetypes that can be cross-referenced to the Chakras. It can be shown at both a Microcosmic and Macrocosmic levels. This will be explained using Tarot Cards, in a future post. This is ancient and esoteric knowledge that preexisted world religions.

The structure is known as the Sephiroth. We will start from the bottom of the structure:

Malkhut: Root Chakra is The Body. Connection.

Yesod: Sacral Chakra is Ego. Sexuality. Creativity.

Nezah and Hod: Solar Plexus Chakra is Victory. Glory. Power.

Tiferet: Heart Chakra is Love. Harmony.

Hesed and Gevurah: Throat Chakra is Mercy. Strength. Communication.

Hokhmah and Binah: Third Eye Chakra is Wisdom. Understanding.

Keter: Crown Chakra is Connection. Spirituality.


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