The Ten Sephiroth are the Path of Light, but also of Dark. Conscious and Unconscious. To obtain the knowledge of the Tree of Life, one must understand both paths. The Tree is multidimensional and spans all of Creation. Above Equilibrium is the Tree of Heaven or Truth. Below Equilibrium is the Tree of Klipoth, the Ego. We are in the bottom part.

Many think the Tree of Knowledge is just about sentient beings, but it is about all awareness in Creation. Beings begin at an unconscious level and work upwards to more conscious levels. On this planet, there are some Ascending, some Descending, but most are Returning, having not changed, and so, having to begin life here again.

The top three points; Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. On the Tree of Death, these are known as the Demonic Law of Three. The Three Traitors inverted by the Ego. There is also the Law of Seven. These are the points, Chesed through to Malkuth. The Nine Spheres are levels of Light and Dark within each Being. All born here begin similarly.

Kether is the Demon Mind, distorting the Source to satisfy the Ego. The opposite of Truth. Incarnating Truth takes a balanced Mind through the Light. The Ego comes as intellect through Materialism. The Creative Ray of Light shines in every Being, but as this becomes diminished, all intellect now becomes in service of the Ego and Death.

There are Psychic Powers that are in service of the Source, such as those explained in earlier posts. But there are Psychic Powers that are not. These are pride, vanity, fear, lust, etc. No Souls were born Demons or Angels. These are paths that have been taken through incarnations in the Material Realm, sometimes even as human beings.

Many ask why we have human existence when it is so treacherous to live here. The answer is, the Tree of Knowledge. Every day, we see either construction or we will see destruction. The universe is similar. Cosmos and Chaos. The Soul must know how to find balance if we are to create Equilibrium. We must know everything.

INVERTED KETHER: The name of the Demon Jahve is spelled the same in Hebrew as Yahweh. It is common for names and even symbols to be corrupted in some way. This gives a positive, a negative meaning. Jahve is known as the Antichrist.  This Demon represents Despotism and Chief of the Black Lodge, who wait on its return.

The Demon was crucified upside down and has great Karma to pay. Some believe that this Demon may return to Earth through a portal from the Abyss, one of the fourth Lower Worlds. The greatest Karma on Javhe is the part it has played in the failure of humanity to evolve their consciousness. In our nightmares, the Mind enters Klipoth.

INVERTED CHOKMAH: The Demon, Belial is associated with Blind Faith and Religious Fanaticism. This is seen in the distractions of politics, patriotism, media, and sports. Belial is now a Luciferian, after once being known as an Angel. Lots of people attached to Belial are found in organised religions, cults, and secret societies.

INVERTED BINAH: The Demon, Lilith Ashtaroth is known for violence against Nature. Subtle Stupidity is its power. It uses sexual energy, that is a holy act, and directs it into casual sex, perversions, abortion, rape, etc. Celibacy should not be the hatred of sex. Many people are firmly attached to Lilith who might be invoked subconsciously.

INVERTED HESED: This point is also called Gedulah, which means ‘love’ in Hebrew. The Demon Baal Pehor represents Obscure Love. This is where people think they are acting in a positive way but are actually causing immoral harm. This is often the people found working for government, police, the military, and even many charities.

INVERTED GEBURAH: The Demon Moloch has always been associated with Tyranny. It is probably the most worshipped Demon of those who covet power. It has a strong hold on this world. All blood sacrifices of any type invoke it. King Solomon built it a temple of worship and the Knights of Solomon / Malta, are staunch supporters.

INVERTED TIPHERETH: Asmodeus is the obliteration of Spirit. The Mark of the Beast. It was the downfall of those who came before us in ancient times. They took the Mark and the world descended into Oblivion. Their Minds, the children of Asmodeus. Those under Mind Control create the Lunar Mind, not the Solar Mind.

INVERTED NETZACH: The Demon Mammon was also incarnate at the time where an ancient world descended into Satanism, then Oblivion. This is invoked by Foolish Pride. The entity is associated with the illusions of money and authority; getting the people to destroy their physical world in return for status, notoriety, and delusions.

INVERTED HOD: This Demon Mulciber, has been associated with Anarchy within. If one has Sovereignty within, they must have Anarchy without. It means one has full control of their Actions. Those who are in Ego have Anarchy inside but Sovereign on the outside. They have little control of their Actions and are in a world of Materialism.

INVERTED YESOD: The Demon Chavajoth is mostly associated with Lust. Black Magic too, is produced by this energy. It has the desire for possessions, especially the natural ones that belong to everyone. The Demon is the Great Harlot, and it is a slave to many deviant desires. Those attached to it, have sold themselves for celebrity.

INVERTED MALKUTH: The Demon Andramelech is one who covets power with the goal of self-security. This entity was once incarnate in the ancient world and was known as the King of the Underworld. This Demon is the deliberate show of superiority over others. This is where people have made up immoral laws with false justifications.

All Virtues have been inverted in Klipoth. There was once White Lodge schools that taught meditation, conscious love, and charity. Any other type of schooling is based in Klipoth. We lose all our power when we fall into Satanism. An ideology where one does nothing unless there is some form of profit. This system is known as the Matrix.


It is difficult to live in a world where the majority people are in Klipoth. It is really because they think this is the way the world is supposed to be through Mind Control. There are so many forms of this, but one of the main drivers are hereditary beliefs. The hierarchy system is related to the Religion of Satanism. This is a top down structure where the Master is the Slave to those above them, but the Master to those Slaves below them. It is a very destructive system based on causing suffering.

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