The origin of this card in ancient times represented miracles. The eight-pointed Star was called, the Father Star. The one that created the Seven Archangels. That is why it is surrounded by those seven stars. The woman is taking the bitter water from the sea and changing into wine that is then poured onto the land, bringing abundance.

This card shows the power of the Masculine and Feminine working together. As the star brings life, the woman transforms this into abundance. Very similar to the joining of Tengri and Gaia in ancient religions. Nature Magic. The eight-pointed star can be used for both Cosmos and Chaos Magic. There is mention of Christ using this Magic.

The first miracle of Christ was the changing of the Water into Wine at the Wedding in Cana. Even though the process is not mentioned, this was an indication to prove that Christ was blessed of the Father Star or God. The story of Christ and the Adulteress shows how Christ wrote in the dust on the ground and performed Symbolism Magic.

Anyone who has used either Cosmos or Chaos Magic will know how much Intuition plays a part in the result. As explained before, Chaos Magic is incredibly weak, and so takes many people to perform. Christ, therefore used Cosmos Magic which in turn projects the Grace of the Soul. The Inner Star. The Pharisees could not confront this.

The Star then, is to bring Hope to humanity in the form of Divine Intervention. It may be that Christ will return to Earth in a Spiritual Form rather than in any physical form. It could be that Christ Consciousness may spread through humanity in the form of a new Spiritual Realization, rather than bizarre religious dogma. The New Paradigm.

The Father Star represents the Source God. Of the Seven Archangels, four of them are considered benevolent. These are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that were mentioned in the Book of Revelation. These are Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael. It may be that the Apocalypse is an initiation for humanity to become free.


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