Many would think this post belongs to the eighteenth Tarot Card. One must remember that Tarot existed before the Moon and maybe even the Sun. Also, astronomy is part of becoming immortal. An understanding of the universe and the different levels of the Creation. The Macrocosmic and Microcosmic have similarities which helps in learning.

The Moon was created to balance the Earth and bring abundance to the life forms that were brought here. These came from other planets, maybe even in this Solar System. For aeons, this System has been developed by a race of “aliens” called, the Watchers. It is no coincidence how animals and plants evolved here. Chance is far too random.

There is so much history on the Moon, if one takes the time to look at it open minded. The Maria on the Moon were created by weapons fire. The surface became molten at parts and there is even a large square under the Great Crater. This may be a damaged panel, showing the Moon’s construction. A square is the rarest shape to form naturally.

Another strange coincidence of the Moon is that materials that are found rarely here, are abundant there. These materials are those we need if we were to colonize space. It can only be assumed that these large deposits were once bases there, destroyed in the past. Some of the craters and valleys on the Moon show more recent occupation.

It makes sense then, that the Moon is hollow, just as the Moon that once orbited Mars was. That planet too, was inhabited. The rust colour and ancient waterways are what would be seen here after similar destruction. Venus too had life, up until three million years ago. Those people who escaped, transformed themselves using Astral Light.

In the theory of the Saturn and Moon Matrix, the Moon is a Soul Trap and Saturn is god of this world. It means that those who come here must recognize the True Self to escape, as they can be directed into the wrong portals while travelling the Halls of Amenti. There is a place within the Earth found in a higher dimension, like a Haven.


These images are form a page on Instagram showing evidence that the Moon is an artificial construction.



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