“A firm will and confidence in yourself, guided by reason and a love of justice, shall lead you to the object of your ambition, and save you from the dangers on the way.”

This is the first card. It is the separation of the Mind from the Body. The difference between light magic and dark magic is the Body and Mind. Dark magic mainly uses the physical, but light magic is more to do with the Mind and its energy which is one’s Essence. The Mind is the part of the human that can travel within the Astral Plane.

To be successful as a Magician, one should know suffering, fasting, loneliness, and death. This should awaken fully, their occult powers. The card was designed for the Initiate to learn how to travel the Astral Plane. This is the Fourth Dimension and is where the Mind lives. This Card is connected to an Entity that can also be invoked.

A state of meditation is needed. The Mind should be empty of thoughts and the Infinity Sign visualised. Using the index and middle fingers, draw this symbol below the heart. Allow the visualised symbol to sink into the conscious before sleeping, keeping the mind blank of anything else. Later, one will be awake and aware, in the Astral state.

There are many ways to attain Astral Travel. Remember, in the Astral state, one is still connected to the Body and cannot die. Astral Travel can also connect oneself to their Soul. This is a dreamlike form where one can find themselves reliving the Soul’s memories, symbolic conversations, and sometimes even can receive new Knowledge.


Symbology on the Card:

The Magus is standing in the Action pose. He is wearing white, the symbol of purity. Around his head is the Circlet of Eternal Light. The Sceptre in his hand has a circle representing Creative Intelligence. It is raised towards the heavens in a desire for Wisdom, Science and the Moral Force. His other hand points to the Earth to show he is to dominate over Matter.

The Cube is the image of Absolute Solidity. The Jug contains human passions. The Sword is the weapon used to fight Error. The Coin represents the Award for Voluntary Labour. The Ibis represents Vigilance.

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