“Wisdom has to be appealed to in every circumstance of life. It teaches one to be discreet and silent in all critical circumstances.”

The entity of this card is associated with the Journey Within. One has now begun the journey of finding more about the True Self. This is done by deep and thorough Self-examination. An opportunity to impartially study what is the human, what is the True Self and to acknowledge those areas affected by the Ego and so, the Shadow Self.

The combined understanding of the Inner and Outer creates what was known as the “super” person. This is not the outcome of evolution, but of pure Willpower. It is the revolution of Consciousness. Access to a higher consciousness brings responsibility of what one uses this power for. One has now finished with the Ego.

The lamp the Hermit carries is the Lamp of Wisdom that shows one the way within. There are additional and more powerful Mantras along with this card. They develop all internal powers. KAWLAKAW for the Spirit, SAWLASAW for the Body and there is ZEESAR for the Mind. An Alchemist must remember all Mantras to develop further.

In the Material Realm there are nine levels of Realms or Planets to ascend or descend into. This is determined by how natural or how unnatural any world has now become. Earth was once a fully natural world. As She moves further towards the artificial, the vibration decreases. Humans still have a strong connection with the natural world.

The True Self or Soul never sleeps. One’s dreams are the Soul’s reality. The Soul can communicate using dreams as symbology. One may have dreams of strange places, people or past events before waking. The Soul will always return to any worlds that best suits the median vibration. The Soul and Avatar should have similar vibration.

A Realm in Equilibrium is not a Heaven or a Hell, but balanced. People will die; not from suffering, but to experience other perspectives. Bad things will happen, but not the deliberate evil that happens here daily. People will be content, and life will be a worthwhile experience from birth. A life of exploration, progress and meaning.


Symbology on the Card: The old man symbolises Wisdom through experience. The Lamp is that of discretion and Wisdom. The stick is symbolic of Strength and moved forward shows purpose. Below is a Circle of Life, but also arrows pointing to a Circle Above. Eternal Life.

The open cloak is symbolistic of looking at oneself. To look Within. The tree and flat ground represents going into the wilderness, a place where one can examine oneself without distractions.

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