This entity of this card represents the Great Work. The Alchemist needs an Athanor to continue the Great Work. Many who awaken can feel the presence of the opposite Gender. This is the Athanor. Those who have not reached this stage can connect to either the Masculine or Feminine force such as Gaia or Tengri. They assist in Magic.

This is not just a one to one connection. One also connects to the Creator. One joins as a conduit from Source that will feel Male or Female. It is part of the self-realization process. The Great Work requires use of the Philosophers Stone, Azoth. One uses it to transmute the lead of our Personality into the gold of Spirit. The universal solvent.

The ten Sephiroth are the stems of Creation. These stems are the twelve branches. The Seven Chakras and the Five Senses. The Twelve Faculties. There are the Four Bodies of Sin. The Physical, Etheric, Astral and Mental. All are under the control of the “I”. This is not a Divine Being, nor what Human is, but a collection of phantoms.

This existence is an accumulation of labels. One has not incarnated their Immortal Soul but rather, has denied it. One is a dormant machine until awakening out of the Dream. This is done by not identifying with pleasures, desires, emotions, etc. One must not abandon their duties to family. Remember that most people are Dreaming.

The Great Work is symbolised by the Cross with the Triangle. It is shown as a man hanging from one foot. The hands are tied so the body forms a triangle while his legs form a cross. The Cross-man must link with the Triangle-Spirit. One must connect with the Athanor. This is the Key to devouring the Serpent until the “I” is dissolved.

Sacrifice is a conscious choice as a sovereign being. One who is sacrificed by ritual or murder, is martyred. To obey tyranny is not sacrifice, but conformity. When one chooses to give their sovereign power to another force such as authority, their death is not a sacrifice or a murder. It has no meaning. It is the pointless death of a slave.


Symbology on the Card: The man hangs upside down between two pillars. One is black and the other white. Evil and Good. From his hands drop gold pieces or pentacles. His legs form a Cross and his arms form a Triangle. He has been put there by the evil ones. His dropped coins show that his life has not been in vain but his ideas will survive and return.

The symbol above the man is the Sun Cross. The Sun is the highest power of the Material Realm as it gives life to man. The Cross is the symbol of the Masculine. The Triangle pointing down is the symbol of the Feminine. The symbol below is that of sacrifice. One has triumphed over the “I”, and has gained Immortality.

Card Meaning: “One must sacrifice one’s self for others without awaiting anything but ingratitude as a reward. Forgiveness must remain our most precious gift, as it causes us to resemble more closely our Divine Prototype.”

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