The entity of this card is associated with long life. When all aspects of the Inner and the Outer of the Being combines, the Great Soul is created. Those who wish to stay in the Material Plane to help Humanity, must ask for the Elixir of Long Life. This is both a gas and a liquid, into form of plasma. One must then refuse to become Dead.

The electro-positive and electro-negative gas remains deposited in our vital depth. This gas can prolong life for trillions of years. A liquid etherises the physical body. The physical body is then absorbed, bit by bit into the etheric body. It then becomes indestructible. It is said that there are some who have lived millions of years like this.

Gnosis is for men and women who want to become gods. The process is divided into three parts. Transmutation, Transformation, and Transubstantiation. Card Fourteen shows an Angel with a Sun above their head. The contents of the Goblets fluids both of their hands are mixed together. The pure substances make the Elixir of Long Life.

These processes are explained considerably. One must be prepared to use all their abilities and more. For one part, one must shape-shift into the Jinn State. Only in this state can we transform. The so-called Atlanteans once practiced this ceremony. It has also been linked with the Last Supper of Christ and experiencing the Crucifixion.

One may think the timescales mentioned are unbelievably long or impossible. One must remember that those inorganic entities in the Astral Plane can live for trillions of years. What makes it so difficult for us in the Material Plane is the bold acceptance of death as a finality. One has not looked into the processes and energy of all Creation.

There is also an aspect of time travel with this card. One has a shadow. This shadow is a part of us that can enter the Astral Plane and travel it. It allows one to see future sight. One can also relive past lives or communicate with those who once lived then, such as the inorganic entities. Sphynxes, for example live mainly in the Astral Plane.


Symbology on the Card: A figure stands below the Sun showing what they represent. The figure is mixing the contents of two goblets together in the air. These goblets contain the elements of Nature and of Great Magic. The combination of Electric and Magnetic Fluids as one. A type of Plasma. The perpetual foundation of Nature through Light and Heat. Plasma is the Movement of Energy and Life.

Card Meaning: “We must so husband our forces, moral and physical, as to wear out all obstacles, little by little, as a drop of water pierces a stone.”

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