“The unknowable lives in a pack of cards after it has been fairly shuffled but before it has been dealt, when all the possibilities are open, and when each possibility matters.”

Steven Burst and Emma Bull

Tarot cards are incredibly underestimated in society. Fortune telling does not do them justice. Anyone who has used tarot properly can tell you that it works. It can be used for many purposes. The purpose for it regarding the Kabbalah is that it is a story of the Soul’s journey within the universe. They can be used to represent the nodes of the Tree of Life.

Knowledge of the tarot is useful for anyone willing to go on the soul journey. As we progress, we can obtain psychic abilities as we get to know ‘ourselves’ better. Some have suggested the cards can be read like a story. When the soul communicates, it uses forms of symbology. Therefore, using one’s intuition is us interpreting what the soul is ‘saying’.

As explained in an earlier post, energy must know the future in order to move. We can use the cards to communicate with our souls. They are also linked to energetic entities. This can be either positive or negative. We can invoke or evoke entities using symbology as a form of communication. The cards should be regarded as living and their power as being magical.


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