The eighth card of the Tarot is often the Strength Card. One now knows the issues that concern the world shown by the previous Triumph Card. It is the beginning of the Great Work. The decision to make a positive difference to the world. The motto of this external Great Work is Truth, Freedom and Love. Without these, nothing can prosper.

The Eye in this Triangle represents the Third Eye, after the Third Eye Chakra. This is linked to the Pineal Gland as shown in the earlier Justice Card post. Many people have this gland in constant use, but are not aware of its true purpose within the human. It brings balance to one’s brain function in regards to connecting Mind, Body, and Soul.

Much of the toxic chemicals found in food, air and water, are to inhibit this gland. This keeps people in a low sate of awareness because it brings anxiety, depression, and such, when not functioning properly. These then bring physical detriments such as, low blood pressure, insomnia, seasonal affective disorder, and other abnormal issues.

It therefore, takes great strength of Willpower to take the responsibility of sovereignty as a human being. As members of this species, all have the task of knowing the Self. This can only be achieved by observation and taking action to eliminate those habits that are the result of many years of conditioning through school and the media.

The real work begins with becoming more spiritual. This does not mean joining any form of religion, but rather becoming gradually more aware of one’s thoughts and resulting actions. As one learns their Psychological and Spiritual Processes, they will get to know themselves fully. This is the solid foundation of the Great Work.


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