“Every star was once darker than the night, before it awoke.”

Dejan Stojanovic

Stars represent the bringing of life and are considered Masculine. Planets and other cosmic bodies can nurture life and are considered Feminine. The light reflecting from planets and moons is Masculine, the energetic fields, Feminine. Planets can nurture life if they receive Masculine energy. Lifeforms have developed from this process.

The Sun’s energy brings life to the Four Elements by vibrating them even more. The Earth’s energetic field would also have had a major influence on how these elements would be distributed all over the Earth’s surface. The Moon has brought stability to the Earth and without it, complex life may not exist. The Moon is an artificial addition.

The Elementals (Nature Spirits) may have been the first lifeforms. A creation by the connection of the energies from the Sun and Earth. These may have had a major part on how life has developed here over billions of years. All lifeforms have these elements in different proportions. Elementals live in specific types of environments.

The Star Symbol can be called a Cross. The Cross is a major symbol of protection when used for that purpose. Certain crosses were made of metal, such as an Iron Cross. This could protect a person who is in conflict. Gold and silver crosses have been used for the purpose of protection against misfortune and to invoke support.

The crossing of arms on statues and the deceased is significant. It is a symbol of protection going into the afterlife. It is said that anyone crossing their arms before sleeping can block sleep paralysis. This evokes protection during sleep. When we sleep, the spirit can leave the body, but may be open to influences as we awaken.

The Cross shape can be used in summoning Elementals. This is because it can represent the seasons and directions. Also, it can be used to calculate important times of the year. This is very helpful when making longer term plans. The Sun, and the phases of the Moon are very accurate when judging time throughout the year.

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