This can be used for a number of reasons. It is a voluntary act, and so has benefits to both the Mind and Body. In this state, it makes it much easier for any connection with the Higher Self. Some people fast for religious reasons as a penance to any deity. In this post though, it is for the purpose of contacting entities and building a strong Mind.

Fasting is an individual act. For those who have not done it before, one should start at one day with one small meal. A day in between, then two days with a small meal each day. This can continue until three days of a small meal. One can then rest and begin a three-day fast with no meals. One can also adapt to having one meal for seven days.

Many people have been duped into thinking that Nature is about predator and prey. It is not. It is about giving and receiving. If one looks at trees, they give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. Also, when they receive dead matter, they produce more fruit. If one chops down a tree for shelter, it is useful, but will need constant maintenance.

One can use fasting and meditation as a way to contact entities of one’s desire. It is advised to spend some time outdoors looking at Nature or even being among it. When one “feels in the present”, they are actually not, but are feeling both the past and the future at once. This is Vibration. This, along with any entity contact can bring knowledge.

As with every psychic and magical exercise, one must be focused on the reason they have decided to fast in the first place. One must have faith in intent. One must know discipline. One must focus their energy. It is normal to feel discomfort fasting. A system does not like change, but the benefits to the Mind, Body and Soul are worth it.

Once one gets used to intermittent or a more permanent form of fasting, they will find that all consumption of any kind feels more productive and less wasteful. One must be wary of being too spiritual, as even vegan food can feel like a defilement when one starts to eat again. Fasting is part of the Tarot and required to progress in later posts.


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