To understand the Soul, one must know who they are as a human. In life, a human is Mind, Body and Soul. The Mind is Willpower, the Body is Action, and the Soul is where our Knowledge comes from through Intuition. A knowing feeling. As we live here, we start to create an outer soul; False Identity or Ego around the inner one; True Identity.

The True Identity travels the Tree of Life; the False Identity travels the Tree of Death. Those who are Unbegun have No Identity, but are pawns of the forces of Cosmos and Chaos. This means that even though unaware, people can be good or bad through inherited Ego from previous incarnations or upbringing and often live repetitive lives.

All Identity begins at Malkuth. The True Identity moves on the Tree of Life. The False Identity moves on the Tree of Death. Those with No Identity move on either Tree, but are unconscious. They live as Phantoms, having only followed those who are aware. How one lives their life has a bearing on how they will live their Afterlife or to Return.

The Tree of Knowledge has many aspects. One can look at it as how life balances between the positive and negative experiences, or how Karma can be the result of one’s decisions or actions taken. The Soul seeks balance. In Heaven the Soul may become restless for change. Living in the Abyss, the Soul may seek to pay Karma.

The nodes of the Tree of Life are linked to Angels of certain levels. It is not a hierarchy as some suggest, but just different roles in creating Cosmos. The nodes of the Tree of Death are different. They are linked to a specific god that is worshiped by humans. Demons like Pazuzu and Choronzon are powerful, but have not achieved god status.

There have been many powerful Angels incarnate on Earth, and yet none are known as such. One is most likely to meet an Angel when no other possibilities exist. In other words, they create miracles. Demons are the opposite, they attack the vulnerable. The Shadows will attack from the Astral Plane, but Demons are more often in host bodies.


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