After the first three circles of the Flower of Life was created, there came the Law of Three or Triquetra. The six circles are represented as six days in Genesis and so the flower is also called, the Genesis Pattern. The Tree of Life is in the Genesis Pattern. The Pattern of Nature. The Egg of Life is six circles and a seventh, centred in them.

These circles became spheres and became the first three-dimensional shapes. The centre of the shape creates a cube. The Spherical Female and Linear Male as Matter. How life developed from this shape was to remove the circle around the Flower of Life and add the missing circles. These thirteen circles are the shape known as the Fruit of Life.

The Fruit of Life is Female as imaged, but once the hidden Male lines are added, there forms Metatron’s Cube. This consists of five unique shapes, called the Platonic Solids. Each face on these shapes are the same size. All edges are the same length. There is only one size of angle at each point. In the sphere, each point touches perfectly.

The shapes are: Tetrahedron as Fire. Cube as Earth. Octahedron as Air. Icosahedron as Water. Dodecahedron as Aether. The Sphere as Void. If one looks at the Periodic Table, each element represented has a geometric relation to the Five Platonic Shapes. This information was hidden in the past but can no longer be disputed as Creational.

When the Flower of Life has the lines added, it creates a Hexagon. This is a very common shape in Nature. Even though there is no hexagon-type shape in Metatron’s Cube, there is a shape called the Cuboctahedron. This is made of squares and equilateral triangles. The perfect shape, as all lines are equal distance from centre and points.

The importance of this hexagonal shape is found at the smallest possible sizes. This is Quantum Mechanics and the shape becomes the Star Tetrahedron. Those particles surrounding the Star form other shapes, and energetically join, but do not touch. These rotate in eight dimensions, creating sound moving as wavelengths through Creation.


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