This has been linked to many events in history. It is the worst-case scenario for any society that requires rebalancing through Natural Law. At an individual level, this is called the “Dark Night of the Soul” stage of an Awakening. The Action of Retribution. It is a period of time where a person or a society goes through some transformation.

The best way to describe the Scourge of God is that one, “brings it upon oneself”. As an individual this can be when the avatar behaves differently from their Soul’s core traits. At a civilization level, it is when the population is in breach of Natural Law. It does not matter if one is conscious of it or not. It depends on the type of behaviour.

The Wheel of Fortune is not a positive or negative Tarot Card. When the Wheel of Fortune turns, it works on the aggregate. It gives people another chance to change. This is what makes it different from the Judgement Card. That is permanent change. There are many opportunities for people to combine with their Souls in any lifetime.

Throughout history, the Scourge has been indiscriminate. It matters not one’s status or whether a person is good or bad. When it happens, many innocent people die. A historic example are the exploits of the Huns. They led former peaceful tribes into a fighting force. Everywhere they went, they brought total devastation and genocide.

With Natural Law being Objective, “What goes around, comes around”. The Roman Empire, just like all empires, fell. Then came the Dark Ages. It is expected that when the New World Order fails, a New Age of Light will be born. This will grow from the positive elements of humanity that are worth saving. The Wheel just keeps turning.

The Dark Ages, from an archaeological view, were more peaceful than history would like us to believe. It took time for Empires to come back. These were based on old religions and hierarchal structures. Bit by bit, they gained power and evil began to take shape in the world again. All hierarchy and religions are forms of Mind Control.


Many have attributed the Rise and Fall of Empires to the Archon Sabaoth. Other names for this entity are, Archangel Samael and the god, Mars. Many have used symbolism of this entity in war. For example, the element, Iron has an alchemical reference to Mars. This was seen in the Iron Cross Medal worn by the Nazis, the Sword of Mars with Atilla the Hun, and so on.

The Archon Sabaoth is one of the Seven Forces of Nature. That is why when the Wheel of Fortune turns, Archon Sabaoth is the one to cause the devastation and genocide. The other Forces of Nature comes after to bring healing for a time and even a respite from the more “evil” forces.

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