This most famous day for the worship of this god is Christmas Day. This has nothing to do with Christ or his birth. It was chosen by a Saturnian Cult that has been around for thousands of years. This cult has many branches such as Satanism and the Skull and Bones Brotherhood of Death. There are also Black Lodges all over the world.

Saturn was known by the ancients as the creator god, El. Those who worshipped El were called, El-ites or Elites. Saturn was regarded as the First Son of the system. It is often depicted in ancient drawings as a Circle in a Circle. They show filaments and rays coming from the centre. This is symbolism of it manipulating the Material Plane.

Ancient empires all over the world worshipped Saturn simultaneously. It was thought that the god they were sacrificing humans to was the Sun. It now looks like it was the god, Saturn. Saturn is Satan in modern times. All civilizations that worshipped Saturn have fallen, from the inside. Saturn is represented by a 3D Cube or a 2D Hexagram.

The planet Saturn even has a Hexagon on the North Pole. Two of the most famous shapes found in religion is the Hexagram on the Israeli Flag and the Black Cube of Mecca. Even in Christianity, the Cruciform is an unfolded Cube. Christ was crucified onto this shape. It is incredible how many people worship Saturn unknowingly.

Both the Romans and the Israelites worshipped Saturn at this time. There is much deception in the world because of this. Christmas is the substitute of the Feast of Saturnalia that was celebrated by the Romans. The Roman Church kept the day, but called it Christmas to deceive their followers into worshipping Saturn – Satan instead.

Everything such as buying presents, is exactly as the Feast of Saturnalia. Santa is an anagram for Satan. The story of Santa Claus is from many pagan sources, such as Chronos. Chronos et children, but Santa is the reversal of this as a propaganda. As with most Satanic influences, it is all based on lies and deception of the masses.


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