“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”


This is a Force of Nature, rather than any single entity. It has many manifestations of both male and female gods. It is best known as the Archon Sabaoth and as Mars, the god of War. Some have even likened it to Satan and the Angel of Death. It was Samael who tricked Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and later, it freed other Beings.

Samael seemed to be a Force designed to undo the works of the previous Forces of the Archangels Lucifer and Zachariel through becoming their opposition. A dividing Force. Strangely, its main weapon is truth. It was what Adam and Eve learned when they received Consciousness. They moved from being animals to having awareness.

Once the Beings were aware of their slavery, they rebelled. They were no longer the prey of Lucifer or the machinations of Zachariel, but something new. Samael, as a Force was outnumbered by Lucifer and Zachariel. A constant conflict where Samael uses the other two Forces traits against them. It brings much of the chaos to the world.

There were four Forces created after Samael. Uriel is the next step of evolution. The Mind. A world where Samael is the dominant Force is similar to the Dark Ages and the Anarchist tribes, but with individual autonomy rather than that of a collective. Samael is said to have brought individuality to the universe by bringing knowledge to all Beings.

In the Book of Revelation, it seems more of the characteristics of Samael rather than Christ. This Force is the easiest to connect with in the Third Density. It may be that Christ can channel through any Force to serve a purpose. As Samael is “god” of this Third Density, it makes sense that it may be persuaded for the purpose of bringing change.

Before one can invoke Samael, one must integrate fully, the Shadow Self. To become a being of Love and War. This is the Default state of the Spiritual Warriors in this Material Plane. Love and Light are possible, but not without taking Action first. It is only Action that counts here. The Mind belongs to the Astral Plane, having less affect.


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