“If we want what is true, what is just, what is within our reach; if we keep silent as to our designs; if finally, we add perseverance to the rest; we shall find ourselves one day in possession of the Key of Power.”

The entity associated with this card represents Retribution. These are rewards and punishments within one’s lives in the Material Plane. It is also representative of civilizations. The idea is that over time, balance must once again be achieved. This is based on the core Principles of Alchemy. The undulation of Cosmos and Chaos.

This card is also called The Wheel of Fortune. This wheel has two polar and divisive opposites. As one goes through many incarnations, they can have many positive and negative experiences. The Wheel’s right (Mercy) ascends; the Wheel’s left (Severity) descends. The entire secrets of the Tree of Knowledge are enclosed in this wheel.

This time is measured not in our chronological time, but in Esoteric Time. The time of the True Self, not the avatar. This time is not a constant rate, but it varies through the many states of consciousness. It is a measurement of how long each Soul has been consciously connected with an avatar. Many go through lifetimes with no connection.

In Ancient Days, consciousness is described as being of two types. One is the Lunar Consciousness. This is where one is stuck in the material and has no idea who they really are. The other is Solar Consciousness. This is when the old consciousness is dead and the other one is reborn. This is when one remembers and is now “awake”.

This card also represents The Ten Sephiroth. These are the ten Principles that make up the Spiritual Journey through Esoteric Time. Some have linked these to the Tarot as Microcosmic and Macrocosmic. These were partially explained in the early posts. Each level is counted as a degree of Light, known as Christic Consciousness.

Christic Consciousness can be confused with Christianity. The more degrees of Light one attains, the higher the Consciousness. This planet absorbs Christic Light from the Sun. It may be why this light is being blocked by Chemtrails. All the planets in the Solar System receive this Light from the Sun and all may reach Fifth Density.


Symbology on the Card: The Wheel is in the centre of this Card. On the right side is the Spirit of Good, on the other, the Spirit of Evil. Good is pulling as Evil is pushing. Above these is a Sphynx. This represents, to Know, to Dare, to Act or be Silent. The Sphynx is in perfect Equilibrium. The Wheel of Fortune has no influence on it. It therefore symbolises the Mysteries of God over human affairs. The stick in the Sphynx’s hand is the Strength to make decisions over those below. The two Serpents are in balance as the two Spirits struggle for supremacy.

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