On the Spiritual Journey, one may find themselves hampered. This can be doubts, the inability to meditate, thought injections, and sleep paralysis. The cause might be Psychic Attacks by Chaos Sorcery or Parasitic Entities. These can be Thoughtforms, Shadows, or Demons. In the worse cases, these can cause serious health issues.

Those who have attuned their Psychic Abilities may sense Negative Energies more clearly than those who do not. Some see Shadows as dark humanoid figures. The Demons usually appear more nightmarish. Both try to control through using fear. It lowers one’s vibration to the level of the Entity, so that it can feed much more easily.

Thoughtforms are created from Chaos Sorcery and consist only of essence. It is the essence that gives all these negative forms their identity. Once this is removed, they can no longer attach. Negative forms can attach when one lowers their defences. It is like a short period of time where one’s “shield” is down, and they can penetrate.

There are lots of negative attractions in the world that may allow these entities “in”. It is known that they are found in areas where negative events have taken place. They are also attracted by negative actions. A method for removing Negative Energies is to use a candle. Those flat, white ones are ideal. Evoke an entity that one can trust.

After one’s intention, light the candle. Candlelight and other lights are known to be multidimensional. The attached entities will be drawn out to this energy. When this happens, the candle will start to pulse. For some, it may flicker. Now, one only lets the candle do its job. It will pulse on and off all night until the area is more positive.

The candle must be left to go out by itself. This method may need to be repeated. It is during this process, that one may have a bitter taste at the back of the mouth, on the tongue and throat. The most noticeable symptoms of Possession are involuntary actions. Those who suffer from an inferiority complex may carry parasitic entities.


One of real issues of this world is that it is based on the Old Religion of Babylon. Those who rule the world have done so for millennia. Many people are participating in rituals on a daily basis, and have no idea they are doing so, or what they are involved in. This is why negative energies are so prevalent.

Over the past few years, much has been posted in detail about this world, but most people do not wish to have their illusions destroyed. One would rather live in a fantasy land created for them over thousands of years. The so-called reality we live in is a fairy tale. It is not even close to what is actually happening.

Until one can escape from the delusions, it will be difficult to remove negative energies. Some have tried to “ignore the negative”, but that just makes easier to lose control to negative entities. This is because one must know the Dark to see the Light. One can think they are good person, but are they really? Or, are they just creating a mask that will shatter one day or worse, become a copy of someone else.

Most people who are affected by negative energies will feel compelled to form a collective. These energies are always part of hierarchy where one will feel that others are inferior or that they exist as lessons just for one’s own solipsistic lifestyle. This way of thinking is almost demonic. This is why many people do Shadow Work. To understand themselves for who one really is, not what they imagine themselves to be.

There is plenty of information online about Shadow Work. A lot of it is conflictive information, because there is no single method that suits every person. We are unique and so are our darkest experiences and desires.

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