I climbed to the top of the tallest peak. Still, the falcon was overhead. He said, “I am highest. None can rise above me.”

In ancient Egypt, Ra was known as the God of the Sun. The Sun is representative of Masculine energy, just as Earth has Feminine energy. The animal head of the falcon represents characteristics as an analogy to the Animal Kingdom. The Ankh is a symbol of Christic Energy and the Law of Three. The stick, a symbol of Strength.

It is an interesting concept that the ancient Egyptian gods may have created their own Realm within the upper dimensions of reality. They were humans and maybe the most advanced ones to date. These animal headed gods should not be confused with the Anunnaki gods. These were Humans who left this world for the heavens.

This Writing came from a Dream where I was in a harbour of an old city. It was flanked on each side by high mountains, so tall that the top could not be seen. A bland place with little detail. This often signifies being in another dimension and seeing it from the understanding of a person experiencing in the third. A very white place.

I started to climb the mountain that was initially on my right side. It took time. There was a falcon that accompanied me all the way to the top and then was above me. He then said the words at the top of this post. The Dream is like a real memory, as though I was actually there in life. It can only be assumed that I was.


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