“What Quantum Physics teaches us, is that everything we thought was physical is not physical.”

Bruce H Lipton

At the smallest size, everything in the universe is energy that travels in waves. The universe is not static. We ourselves are part of this energy. We are energetic fields. We only look solid because we are large. Understanding how Quantum Physics works in spirituality can enhance how we experience our lives with a true purpose.

As beings, we live in the past, present and future simultaneously. Time is an illusion to bring a realness to our existence. It lets us experience the ‘now’. Therefore, infinity is a loop. Within this loop, past and future create an objective reality and affects how we perceive the present. This gives consistency to how we experience this reality.

We are in a universe that creates possibilities for us through always forming this reality. How the past and future affects the present is easier to explain by how the energy travels. Kinetic energy must know the past and future slightly, in order to move. Even temporarily change states. We are energy. Our timelines are not static.


All matter that is perceived, including us, is made of energy. It used to be a puzzle how inanimate matter could become conscious. Now we know that consciousness becomes matter. At the smallest possible size, the universe exists in all possibilities. This includes our current reality, all possible dimensions, and all points in time.

Once observed, this energy collapses into the single version we see in this reality. What we are perceiving as sentient beings. As everything comes from this source, there can be no beings above us. That we are supposed to be sovereign and free and no one can morally have authority over us. The only rules are from Creation itself through Natural Law. This is not the law of the jungle, but a basis of Moral Principles that keep Creation eternal.

This link leads to a video of which I combined video and audio that explains the science behind Quantum Spirituality and how it is related to Anarchy….

Audio from the Video as Text:

So, everything. All matter, all perceivable reality consists of energy. Including you, yourself.

So, there was a very fundamental question in the minds of scientists. How did consciousness arrive from inanimate matter? But the question is now completely the other way around. And we can see that matter arises from consciousness. This energy that is all pervasive is consciousness. It is what makes up and governs all life.

At the atomic level or at the Plank level; the smallest possible scale you can go to. The universe exists in all possibility. There is not one single version of reality. The universe exists in all possible dimensions, all possible points in time and once it is observed by an observer, a human being, it collapses into one single version of reality. The version that you live in. That you can perceive.

Now, why this ties into Anarchy very nicely is that because we all stem from this unified field, from this shared source from which all existence flows, there is nothing above us. You could say that if that is Divine, then we are all Divine. We are all from this same source of energy.

So, there is really nothing above us. There is nothing, no-one, not a thing anywhere that can on moral grounds can claim to wield authority over us. In any single way.

Now, what we Anarchists believe is that the human being is sovereign and free; and is supposed to be free and not under the yolk of anyone’s authority on this planet Earth.


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un5SEJ8MyPc

Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF-QPLRLrk4

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