This is probably the most difficult of the processes to achieve. It is the bringing of Male and Female energies into a single flame, where both become a Non-Consuming Fire. There are so few of the opposite sex that are compatible for this Work to be successful. It may be why some have summoned Jinn or even Demons to help create this Fire.

The Jinn are beings of Fire, though can become Elementals of other types. This really depends on where in the Astral Plane they are summoned. The Astral Light is the combination of Four Elements, but also each are separate as well. When one feels the Non-Consuming Fire, it feels like intense love. One will feel a Female presence.

This may be different for a Female who may feel a Male presence. The strange part of it is that this female presence can be felt in other people in life, though not as intense. Some call this energy, Sexual Energy. In Black Magic, this can be manifest in physical rituals, but in White Magic, this can take place in the Astral Plane and in Clairvoyance.

One should sit in a comfortable chair or lie in a supine position. One enters meditation. Now imagine the Quetzal floating above your head. Mentally vocalize the Mantra of Power, “PROWEOA”. One attracts to their Imagination the Divine Image of the Quetzal with the Mantra. This splendid bird of Fire has a very beautiful crest and a long tail.

One may note that the Fiery Quetzal looks like a Phoenix. One must become familiar with this bird and learn how to handle it. With it you can awaken your internal powers. The Mantra “PROWEOA” utilized often, can bring into conscious imagination any image from the Superior worlds. One must utilize Sexual Magic to see the Quetzal.

For the Sexual Magic, one must focus on the Female Sexual presence. This feeling is atmospheric and may be unique to each individual. The less contamination one has Sexually, the more Power one will have in life. This is because they do not have to deal with the parts of other people that need healing but can focus on oneself alone.


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