There are ten dimensions in Creation. Seven of them are polarised, the other three are core of the Source. This means at a multidimensional level, the Soul can be created in the first dimension and so work its way through the others to be absorbed by Source. The original Beings of Creation were born in the seventh dimension, but then reborn.

To explain this goes back to the beginning of Creation. Source was a basic life form and there was only a line of black and white. As Source progressed, there came the first thoughts. These were illusions and created the second dimension of breadth and length. The third dimension was created by the action of making these thoughts reality.

As the Source continued to evolve, Creation was formed. Beings were born when the Source created the Seventh dimension. These though began in the first. The infinity sign shows this transformative loop in the multidimensional Creation. There is no present, just the past and future combined. We are, we will be and we were the pinnacle of immortality.

The Seven polarised dimensions each have a force of nature known as an Archangel. It is the first dimension that has the most extreme polarisation. This is the realm of Lucifer. It is often called a jealous god, but this is not accurate. Forces of nature have no emotions but this one consciously manipulates its chosen into obeying its purpose.

The second dimension is of the Archangel Zachariel. This is the realm of illusion and abstract thought. If one has unfocused thoughts like chains that lead one to the other, this is second dimensional thinking. It is often associated with paranoia and irrational. It is the force of nature worshipped by the Illuminati and symbolised by the All-seeing Eye.

The third dimension has been explained by the Archangel Samael post. The fourth is the Archangel Uriel. This is the Mind, but not in a second-dimensional way, but as a creative perspective of knowing, rather than speculation. Polarisation of Seven Dimensions are seen as positive or negative aspects of the same. As humans we can create both.


The Heptagram below shows how each day corresponds to an Archangel. These forces of nature have planets named after them. For cross reference; here is a link to the post on the Seven Archangels.

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