When using Tarot Magic, the cards will show a path of probability that is likely to be successful. Tarot Card readings can be very general but they do have a real, definite meaning overall.  It is best to draw five cards in order, then put onto their place on the Pentagram. Any duplicate suits are placed anti-clockwise and become reversed.

Spirit: Major Arcana (Intent).

Air: Swords (Action).

Earth: Pentacles (Skill).

Water: Cups (Emotion).

Fire: Wands (Will).

It is best to use Nature Magic, as it invokes entities that are already a part of us. The entities Gaia and Tengri are Nature. They do not have as much of a role in any Tarot Readings, though can have. It really depends on the type of future one desires. Any entities that can be of help may be connected to through the Higher Self by Intention.

When spells were cast in past times, symbology was used to record what was used. Any entities taking the place of the Higher Self in the spell would also be noted. This would then be made into a Sigil. There are many forms of magic, but symbolism is the most popular in modern times. It is the best way to hide magic from the ignorant.



Five cards are drawn: The Devil, The Empress, The World, Page of Wands, and Ten of Cups.

The Devil: This is put in the Spirit area at the top of the Pentagram. This represents the Shadow Self or Slavery. This can be addictions, attachments, restrictions, etc. This can be the present situation where one feels trapped or restricted by not dealing with negative aspects in life, themselves or the ego.

Page of Wands: This position as Air, is of Willpower and what one must continue with. The card here suggests that one should continue with whatever motivates them and makes them feel free to express themselves.

The Empress (Reversed): There was no Swords card drawn, so the Empress Card has been put in this position, reversed. The card is read as normal with an Action attached to it. Here, means that one should try to find more love and happiness.

Ten of Cups: This has been put in the Water (Emotion) position of the Pentagram. Here, it means to try to mend relationships between those who were once friends, relatives or other emotionally connected to.

The World (Reversed): There was no Pentacles Card, so this one has been placed here reversed and with a relation to Skills. This can mean the near end of a phase or project. This may be not having the skill to finish it, a loss of desire, or it is not as high a priority.

Looking at the cards together as one, it shows how the Shadow Self can overtake one at any time in life, especially when one has been too busy to see its affects. This does not have to be by expressing ego, but by being too self centred. It can cause division from others people and delay projects that once had more meaning previously. Shadow Work should never be neglected as it can lower consciousness. The rest of this spread reflects this.

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