The last advanced Civilization was estimated at under 15,000 years ago. This could be the end of Atlantis. From then until the beginning of the Sumerian or Akkadian empires, there is little knowledge of how humans and other beings lived. This is from a historical point of view of independent researchers rather than mainstream science.

It is based of physical evidence from South America in particular, as the clearing of the Amazon rainforest has shown there was ancient structures from well before our documented history. What came from this culture is a religion based on the Nine Old Gods. For this post, we will use the Ennead. The Ancient Egyptian family of the gods.

The first god was Atum-Ra at Kether. The Sun willed himself into existence. This Sun then created the gods, Tefnut and Shu. These were gods of Water and Air. On the Tree of Life, they are Binah and Chokmah. The Left- and right-hand paths. Left path is Care, known as the Feminine. The right path is Protection, known as the Masculine.

The next two gods are Nut and Geb. These are Geburah and Hesed. These were the gods of Fire and Earth. Then there were four. Isis is Tiphereth and Osiris is Yesod. Nephthys is Hod and Set is Netzach. From Isis and Osiris came Horus at Malkuth. From Nephthys and Set came Anubis at Daath. This varies depending on the culture.

As one can see, these relate better to the ancient nine “stars” that were inscribed on the old ruins. Only seven celestial bodies can be seen with the naked eye. The addition of the other two is proof of an advanced civilization in the deep past. Each of these gods had a celestial body corresponding to them. This included Uranus and Neptune.

Horus represents humanity and the planet Earth. Anubis represents the Underworld and those entities that reside within the Astral Plane. Many ancient societies saw the Astral Plane and Material Plane as the Twin Worlds. This may have been to do with Star Gate technology as these opened mainly by using the Mind and certain objects.


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