Jinn Papus, Physician – One becomes the physician.
Jinn Sinbuck, Judge – One must judge themselves.
Jinn Kasphuia, Necromancer – One must vanquish witchcraft.
Jinn Zahun, genius of Scandal – One must condemn scandal.
Jinn Heiglot, genius of Snowstorms – One triumphs over opinion.
Jinn Mizkun, genius of Amulets – One enchants with virtues.
Jinn Haven, genius of Dignity – One must reach the dignity of the Magus.

Jinn Sisera, genius of desire – One must learn to transform the genius into Power.
Jinn Torvatus, genius of discord – Discord is an obstacle to the Will and Harmony.
Jinn Nitibus, the genius of the stars – Harmony is of the stars.
Jinn Hizarbin, genius of the seas – Harmony is of the seas.
Jinn Sachluph, genius of plants – One must study the virtues of the plants.
Jinn Baglis, genius of measure and balance – One must study the laws of balance.
Jinn Labezerin, genius of success – Balance brings the attainment of success.

Jinn Hahabi, genius of fear – Fear is conquered by the Force of Will.
Jinn Phlogabitus, genius of adornments – Sacred truths are unknown to the vulgar.
Jinn Eirneus, destroying genius of idols – Idols are cast down through intelligence.
Jinn Mascarun, genius of death – The Magus will bind this genius.
Jinn Zarobi, genius of precipices – These will be measured and understood.
Jinn Butatar, genius of calculations – One will subject infinity into their calculations.
Jinn Cahor, genius of deception – One will escape the ambushes of this genius.

Jinn Phalgus, genius of judgment – The power of the Magus is in judgement.
Jinn Thagrinus, genius of great confusion – Power avoids confusion of antinomy.
Jinn Eistibus, genius of divination – One practices the Divination of the Sages.
Jinn Pharzuph, genius of fornication – One avoids the pitfalls of the enchanters.
Jinn Sislau, genius of the poisons – One avoids those who create poisons.
Jinn Schiekron, genius of bestial love – One avoids those in bestial love.
Jinn Aclahayr, genius of sport – One is now victorious over fatality.

Jinn Zeirna, genius of infirmities – One triumphs over human infirmities.
Jinn Tablibik, genius of fascination – The Magus is no longer one of the vain.
Jinn Tacritau, genius of goetic magic – One does not practice this magic.
Jinn Suphlatus, genius of the dust – Goetic magic is dust before the wind.
Jinn Sair, genius of the stibium of the sages – One possesses this magic instead.
Jinn Barcus, genius of the quintessence – One has all the powers of quintessence.
Jinn Camaysar, genius of the marriage of contraries – Harmony is produced at will.

Jinn Tabris, genius of free will – The Magus is the occult king on the Earth.
Jinn Susabo, genius of voyages – One voyages across their own domain.
Jinn Eirnilus, is the genius of fruits – One becomes acquainted with fruits.
Jinn Nitika, genius of precious stones – One learns virtues of precious stones.
Jinn Haatan, genius who conceals the treasures – Natures treasures are unveiled.
Jinn Hatiphas, genius of attire – One presents the mysteries of form.
Jinn Zaren, avenging genius – As one does good, any outrages will be avenged.

Jinn Sialul, genius of prosperity – Victory of the Magus brings prosperity to others.
Jinn Sabrus, sustaining genius – One sustains others through sublime instructions.
Jinn Librabis, genius of hidden gold – One finds the hidden light in others.
Jinn Mizgitari, genius of eagles – One can brood like an eagle.
Jinn Causub, serpent-charming genius – One can be represented by serpents.
Jinn Salilus, genius who sets doors open – The gates of sanctuaries are opened.
Jinn Jazer, genius who compels love – One has the power to obtain love.

Jinn Nantur, genius of writing – One becomes the writer of knowledge.
Jinn Toglas, genius of treasures – One has many intellectual treasures.
Jinn Zalburis, is the genius of therapeutics – One has many healing gifts.
Jinn Alphun, genius of the doves – The doves represent religious ideas.
Jinn Tukiphat, genius of the Schamir – This is a magical diamond stone-cutter.
Jinn Zizuph, genius of mysteries – Nothing can resist a force based on truth.
Jinn Cuniali, genius of association – The Magus creates with the magical diamond.

Jinn Eisnuch, genius of agriculture – The power to fructify the earth.
Jinn Suclagus, genius of fire – The power to learn the mysteries of fire.
Jinn Kirtabus, the genius of languages – The universal key of languages.
Jinn Sablil, genius who discovers thieves – A sight in which evil-doers are revealed.
Jinn Schachljl, genius of the sun’s rays – Laws of equilibrium and luminous motion.
Jinn Colopatiron, genius who sets prisons open – The power to open all prisons.
Jinn Zeffak, genius of irrevocable choice – The power of eternal choices.

Jinn Sezarbil, devil or hostile genius – One does not explain themselves to evil.
Jinn Azeuph, the destroyer of children – One does not comply with child killers.
Jinn Armilus, genius of cupidity – One does not love any master.
Jinn Kataris, genius of dogs or of the profane – One does seek to offend others.
Jinn Razanil, genius of the onyx – One keeps possession of the onyx.
Jinn Bucaphi, genius of stryges – One does not accompany the stryges.
Jinn Mastho, genius of delusive appearances – One has no false appearance.

Jinn Eglun, the genius of the lightning – Lightning obeys the Magus and is a tool.
Jinn Zuphlas, the genius of forests – The wood of trees forms the Magus’ torches.
Jinn Phaldor, genius of oracles – The trees utter oracles.
Jinn Rosabis, genius of metals – Metals change and become talismans.
Jinn Adjuchas, the genius of rocks – Rocks move from their foundation.
Jinn Zophas, genius of pentacles – Symbols become efficacious.
Jinn Halacho, genius of sympathies – Minds are changed with sympathies.

Jinn Tarab, genius of extortion – The Magus will suffer extortion.
Jinn Misran, genius of persecution – The Magus will suffer persecution.
Jinn Labus, genius of inquisition – The Magus will suffer inquisition.
Jinn Kalab, genius of sacred vessels – The sacred vessel will not be profaned.
Jinn Hahab, genius of royal tables – The Magus is made for royal tables.
Jinn Marnes, genius of the discernment of spirits – One can protect themselves.
Jinn Sellen, genius of the favour of the great – One will remain invincible in liberty.


This is an abbreviation of the information found on another website. Link, https://studioarcanis.com/viewtopic.php?t=6100

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