These are variations of reality in the Material Plane. There are nine levels in which worlds can ascend and descend into. This is a form of classification that is used to calculate how close a world is to Equilibrium. This is the balance between the natural and the unnatural or artificial. Equilibrium is middle with four above and four below.

This scale is used for Sentient Worlds. These worlds are alive and the Earth is called Gaia. Many think of Gaia as a human-like entity, but any who have invoked her will soon realize Gaia is not human at all. On the scale of one being Hell and nine being Heaven, Earth is at number three. This level is now called the third vibrational state.

Equilibrium is of the fifth vibrational state. The worlds in this level are almost perfectly balanced between the natural and the artificial. Any civilizations matching this level of vibrational state will spread this through their realms in space. The Earth at the moment is very corrupted. This is reflected in the vibrational state of our civilization.

Souls can travel to the closest worlds matching vibrational states easily. Travelling to others requires changes to match the much higher or lower vibrations. One should try to match their soul’s state of vibration in life. The avatar is what can make this world a different place. This is why other entities make contact and help us progress.

There will be entities here without avatars. Their influence is limited but may have avatars on the other worlds. The levels of this Plane should not be confused with the fourth and other dimensions. Inhabitants there are energies only. It is not possible to have any physical worlds there. All dimensions contribute to the fullness of Creation.

Many people think of the Material Plane as a Simulation because of “glitches”. These are surprising when observed. They are sometimes called Omens. The dimension of the Material Plane is made from many energetic waves from a lower dimension and these are rebounded back from the upper ones. These waves may return distorted.


In ancient times, people attributed certain natural events with the gods. These were beings that could not be seen, but their wrath could be felt. The only “beings” that can have an effect on a world are those manifested into the Material Realm. There can be connections with entities not manifest here, but these are only influences, not Action.

It is highly possible that all Biblical and unexplained events have been carried out by Alien Beings from this Plane. There is much evidence to support this and it is growing by the day. We are not alone in the Universe. Far from it. It is teeming with life, not only in this Plane, but in other dimensions too.

This link is to a short video showing pyramids on Antarctica.

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