This is the communication with the dead, using magic or psychic abilities in any form. It is believed the dead linger for a time before finally going to their final destination. The dead are often what is left of the Ego program. The husk that is left behind. It is why one must concentrate on creating or adding to the Soul, so they are not a husk.

The dead no longer “live”. They learn nothing in the Astral Plane. They are memories of their lives’ attachments. The Soul has none of these and moves on. The Parasitic Mind Virus also retains these memories into their hivemind. Any information may be what the parasites know will bring a strong emotional reaction. This is very common.

When Mediums use Necromancy, it is seen as Spiritualism. When Magicians use the same, it is seen as Sorcery. The difference is intention. One must know what they are summoning and be prepared to remove any unwanted attention. These “spirits” can be in any of the four worlds of the Astral Plane. The most common come from Assiah.

The Necromancer must act like they are one of the deceased, and often wears black robes after many days of preparing the Mind and Body. This can be meditation, spells of protection, eating certain food. The location is important. Many of the deceased stay near where they died or remains are buried, etc. Necromancy is performed at 1 a.m.

One draws a magic circle with Intention with a symbol evoking a chosen Archangel, preferably Mars. Other symbols used, such as the elements and then objects are placed to act as a bridge to the Spirit one desires to invoke. When manifested, these spirits are often chaotic. One must have it transform into a suitable shape for contact.

One can now talk to the Spirit as to another person. Once the Necromancer is finished, one then should promise not to disturb this same Spirit in future. One dismisses it by using sulphur or salt. Rather than manifest a Spirit, one can use standing stones. The Sorcerers often use dead bodies which stand up and become zombies under control.


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