These entities are also known as Jinn or Faeries. They have been included in old tales of how they could possess people. Jinn live in the Astral Plane but incarnate into the Material Plane sometimes. Most often, they will trade with those in the Material Plane in an energy exchange. They can live in the Astral Plane for millions or billions of years.

There is no time in the Astral Plane, but it can occur when any entities there connect to those in the Material Plane. Nature Spirits do not just live inside complex avatars but are also Elementals and may reside in any Flora or Fauna. Even before life forms, it is believed that Nature Spirits were the wind, the rocks, the sea and the heat forms.

Some people try to summon Angels, but this is difficult as they have to cross the Astral Plane. Angels can appear in other dimensions but are mainly found in the fifth and sixth. As these dimensions are polarised, Demons are also found there. The seventh dimension is barely polarised and is where beings were “born” by the Mind of Source.

The Astral Plane is divided, and the Nature Spirits are of various types. In ancient times, the Jinn would cooperate by training people in the Material Plane on the White Lodge Teachings from eons ago. There are Black Lodge Teachings that came from the other Polarisation. Freemasonry is a religiously distorted form of these Teachings.

It is believed that many people in modern times have become domesticated to the point that they can no longer get angry for the right reasons. They have become more Passive Aggressive and Narcissistic. They will only conflict against those they know will not fight back. Where one has the Broken Soul Affliction, one can summon a Jinn.

If one can connect with a Jinn, they can learn how to be free of programmed restraint by society. One can also recognise those who are still afflicted by societal programs. In time, one will not just learn how to be human again, but also what lies beyond the physical world. The Astral Plane is where we Dream but it becomes much more real.


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