To understand Sacred Geometry as consciousness, one needs to break it down into mathematical terms. Male and Female energies are more like the poles of a magnet, but with different attributes that make one magnetic field. Male Energy is focused and Female energy is random. Both are similar in strength and powerful when put together.

As the Male and Female energies move, they create a shape known as Fibonacci’s Spiral. The Male energy takes a direct route creating the four sided shapes. Female energy creates the curves. This shape is found in all life. These energies described in Creation are not Sexual. Sexual energy is the initiation and flow through the Chakras.

Sexual energy is the living part, but not the full energetic field. The energetic field has the core in the Heart Chakra which many believe is the centre of our existence as a human. Our brains are processors that take information from the core of our energetic field and this can spread a few metres beyond our bodies and affect the area around.

For now, we will keep to the physical. The brain has two hemispheres labelled left and right or Male and Female. Male is direct and logical. Female is indirect and creative. Neither has any relation to the other. To understand why, one must look at geometry and the pattern of Creation. Everything in the universe comes out in a certain pattern.

The Flower of Life is in music, thoughts, emotions; everything there is. It began as a circle, then as another circle, centred at the edge of the first. The inside area is called the Vesica Piscis. This creates the square roots of the numbers two, three and five. These are calculating infinitively. It was also the beginning geometry of forms of light.

Source began as a point of something. When Nothing was all around, a Circle was the first shape imagined, putting a barrier to infinity. This became Female Energy and was called, Wisdom. As Source moved to the edge of this shape, Male Energy was created as Action. This process continued in a circular fashion until the Flower of Life was full.


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