These are a very interesting form of magic. This is because they are linked to the planets. They combine Numeracy and the invocation of the Archons (Archangels). The most useful ones were made by an Alchemist called Cornelius Agrippa. It is now known that the numbers are not random but are from the core of ancient languages.

These are the languages of the Anunnaki. They were developed for human use a long time ago. Hebrew for example, can be used to put the exact numbers on these squares. Each letter has both a number and a sound. Each planet is represented by a Magic Square. As this is the ninth card, we will focus on that one linked to Saturn.

Saturn is a 3 X 3 configuration. The phrase invoking the entity from the distant past represents numbers from its “divine name”. Each row adds up to 15. When adding 1 + 5 we get 6. The three rows become 666. Saturn is Satan. Some have implied that the Magic Square of the Sun is 666 because of the total. Each row adds up to 111.

The Magic Square that represents Devine Perfection is a 4 X 4 one. It is called the Jain Square. The Magic Square representing Jupiter also has a 4 X 4 configuration. The numbers are different and are not perfect like the Jain Magic Square. The use of numbers creates a symmetrical pattern on some of them. Others are more random.

When using a Magic Square, one starts at ‘one’ and traces or walks the numbers in order. This is done with intention. One can make an amulet or draw these numbers on special items. It is said that because the Jain Square is perfect that the energy comes from Source. Magic Squares were mainly used for protection against evil.


The Seven Archons, Saturn seems to be the most common ancient belief on Earth, especially as they are the origin of some ancient religions. These religions formed a partnership for prosperity.

One of the most famous Magic squares is the Jain Square as shown below.

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