“Truth is what reconciles thought and experience.”

Raheel Farooq

This structure represents the Outer World part of the spiritual journey. Another map. There are three pillars within this too. The left Pillar is Severity, the right Pillar is Mercy, and the middle Pillar is Balance. There is a Tarot card for each of these nodes too. The World card does not represent a node, but the universe we live in.

Below is a brief description of each Major Arcana Tarot Card in relation to a each Sephiroth :

21. The World: The Whole of Creation.

20. Judgement: Search for Truth.

19. The Sun: Spiritual Calling.

18. The Moon: Need for Courage.

17. The Star: Action in the World.

16. The Tower: Sudden Change.

15. The Devil: Chosen Slavery.

14. Temperance: Sovereignty.

13. Death: Extinction (Entropy).

12. The Hanged Man: Evolution (Sacrifice).

11. Justice: Equilibrium (Goal of Creation).


This link is to a video explaining the Macrocosmic Tree of Life in detail.

REFERENCE: Mark Passio Explains Tarot.

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