“Lucid dreaming lets you make use of the dream state that comes to you every night to have a stimulating reality.”

Stephen LaBerge

When one is evolving psychic abilities, it often means working with the next most accessible dimension, the Astral Plane. This is the part of the human that is Mind. It can bring any experiences during sleep from the Astral at different levels depending on one’s awareness. It takes relentless practice to fully understand the Astral Plane.

Usually when one dreams, self-awareness is shut down but in Lucid Dreaming, the conscious mind is awake. One becomes inside the dream. This ability is not Astral Travel. One is still in bed asleep within their body. It is the Inner World where all the senses of the Material Plane are still active. One can awaken at any time they want.

There are many techniques to bring Lucid Dreaming. The unconscious mind must trigger the conscious mind to awaken during sleep. One recognises the dream state. Methods such as meditation before sleep, can plant an intention to awaken during dreaming. Once one achieves lucidity, it gets easier next time. It is a mental training.

It is estimated to take up to three weeks to train Mind to lucid dream. Some can do it just with intent, though they have likely been working on other psychic abilities. This is a dream world. The Astral Plane is very partitioned and has separate “worlds” that can be experienced. Lucid Dreaming is a way of seeing through using the World of Mind.

When about to sleep, keep repeating the phrase,” I will know that I am dreaming”. By repeating the Mantra, you encourage awareness and therefore the chances of Lucid Dreaming. When one awakens from a dream, write it down while it is still fresh. Now go back to sleep, focusing on that dream. Keep this focus until one falls back asleep.

Lucid Dreaming is mainly used for soul-searching and introspection. It can be used for problem solving, shadow work, reflection, spiritual training, overcoming fears, for sex, healing, creativity, fun, etc. All of this without risk or fear of injury. It is certainly a useful, and individual ability. It is one that is exclusively within the privacy of the Inner Self.


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