Anyone connecting with the Soul starts at first level consciousness before moving onto higher levels. The Soul is already a fully developed entity. This is about getting to know one’s abilities. Those who are unconnected to the Soul, operate at very low cognitive levels. The Matrix dominates the Mind of those who are not fully conscious.

First level cognition (1D) is the beginning stage of all beings. This is the basics that are firmly grounded in the Material. It is to gather resources for survival, reproduce the next generation, and to become the most dominant of the species. We see this in the Animal Kingdom in various forms, but mostly in societal creatures, such as ants.

Second level cognition (2D) is where one becomes aware that there is more to life. It is where one sees themselves as part of a larger world. When one looks for meaning to existence, one looks externally. One will either submit to a religion of some form or continue inherited beliefs from others. One is still firmly imprisoned within the Matrix.

Third level cognition (3D) is first level consciousness. This is where one has come to the knowledge that the answers are not external, but internal. One has come to the knowledge of the sovereign entity within. The Soul. This is a beginning stage, but one can still be influenced by the Matrix. Later, the Inner and Outer become one person.

Fourth level cognition (4D) is second level consciousness. This is where one can travel to or connect with those in the Fourth Dimension, also called the Astral Plane.  One begins to see through the Matrix and gain knowledge directly from one’s soul or surrounding entities by channelling. One begins to live outside of the Matrix illusion.

Fifth level cognition (5D) is third level consciousness. This is where one has now evolved to have an influence in the world around them. One can travel to or connect with those in the Fifth Dimension. These are the Realms inhabited by the Angels and Demons. These are universal forces in Soul form, choosing to create or to destroy.


The Levels of Awareness tie in with ancient philosophies such as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is rare for many people to reach third level consciousness. Some do so as soon as the “Awaken”, others think they have, but still have some work to do. It is a step by step process of gaining Knowledge. To know the Light, one must know what is in the Darkness.

There is no doubt, that channelling can help one on the Spiritual Path. This is usually the Higher Self, but one can attempt to contact other entities. There should be discernment during this process. Many Spiritual People have mentioned an Ascension to a 5D reality. The New Age Religion looks to have been hijacked by a form of Psychological Operation. Psyops are created by World Governments to keep people passive while society changes into a less free experience.

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