The entity associated with this card represents Karma. Position eight of the Tarot is normally taken by the Strength card. One may suggest that it does take strength to bring proper justice to the world. The symbolic representation here is the Serpent devouring itself and the Scales. Karma is needed to attain Universal Equilibrium.

The Devouring Serpent represents evil. The real goal of the Demiurge (Satan), is to consume all of creation and have it all within it. An external god and the opposer of Source. When one connects with Source, one looks within. When one connects with the Demiurge, one looks without. One can absorb evil and so must discern what it is.

Where this world is, Universal Equilibrium would seem like heaven. This is because of the Matrix that nearly everyone is trapped within. Even those termed, ‘awake’, can be recaptured and become part of the Matrix illusion once again. The Priest Class know exactly what the Matrix is and use this knowledge to control those who do not.

There are said to be forty-two Judges that deal with Karma. These can be invoked by drawing a hexagram that looks like a cube. One then stands within with arms outstretched. Moving the arms up and down, vocalize, “NI, NE, NO, NU, NA.”. The Judges will grant credit to those who ask but will be paid by doing the Great Work.

The Caduceus has had many meanings. It is also known as the Staff of Hermes. The Wings and Serpents represents receiving the power to create either Good or Evil. The Sun and Moon are symbolic of True and False. The Caduceus has been used by many trades. The circle at the top has a ‘33’ which represents the Freemasons.

In esoteric knowledge, it is not a staff, but the brain stem. The circle is the Pineal Gland. The Wings and Serpents are the Two Witnesses who are messengers of the entities of Justice. One is positive, the other negative. These ‘opposites’ entwine in a Holy Eight, symbolizing Infinity. The soul’s journey is to create Universal Equilibrium.


Symbology on the Card: A woman sits on a dais with Three Steps. These steps represent the worlds of the Body, the Mind and the Soul. These are the Third, Fourth and Fifth dimensions. On her head is a Crown with two feathered plumes. These are the two Witnesses, later mentioned in the Book of Revelation 11: 3 – 6.

A Sword in one hand for punishment, Scales in the other for Balance. The Devouring Serpent Ring below is the Circle of Life in the Material Plane. The Combined Ring above is the symbol of togetherness of the Solar and the Lunar Minds. One decides their path consciously.

Card Meaning: “Everything in life is a pretty even struggle between Good and Bad, and that every Action brings in its wake, a re-action, thus forcing us to be most cautious in our thoughts and undertakings.”

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