Many say that this is like the peeling of an onion. Each layer brings one closer to the inner being. Rather, it is the opposite. We build layers around the inner being. In old terms, this was called the husk of the Ego Soul. This starts from our first words all the way through life, taking us further and further from our Divine Prototype. Our Self.

One of the obstructions to this reality is the theory that we are the Source experiencing itself through us. This could be ego contamination or simply a belief in information not verified. This is against Natural Law principles. If one thinks that all the suffering is for Source to experience itself, then they really do have no idea of what they really are.

If one goes through their life into many situations that have changed one’s direction, it is not Source who has done this. We have had ample warning of repercussions to any form of behaviour outside of Natural Law. One can deny this if they wish, but it is true anyway. Our inner being has guided us and then we choose to either accept or deny.

When we Journey Within through the false layers created by a fake society, only then can we begin to live. Most of what we thought was true is hard to let go. We suffer. As an Empath, we do not need to be nailed to a cross to know what it feels like. We do not need to die, to feel the anxiety as the world fades and we slip slowly into the Void.

Suffering is the Spiritual Path, no matter what anyone says. It is our suffering, and is the suffering of others. We often think it is ours alone but there are forms of suffering that can be formulated and not natural in any way. As we go further into a dependency on artificial remedies, we add to the possibility of suffering rather than decrease it.

Natural Law was created so that Source could remain Immortal. It was either that, or the Nothing from which Source came, would return. The Nothing has been described as a conscious form, but it is not. It is what remains when consciousness dies. If the Source loses consciousness, the Nothing gains consciousness and becomes Source.


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