As this card regards cycles, it may be best to look into this period of Earth’s history. The last Ice Age is said to have begun a few million years ago. In a previous post it has been written that a Lesser Ice Age started when the Earth was attacked by the Anunnaki. These were advanced beings who created human beings as their slaves.

There has been six Major Ice Age Events. These were much more powerful than the one described with the Anunnaki. They covered almost the full Earth. It could be that every so often, the Earth is cleansed into a reset. Life then begins again from a basic level. This ties in with evidence that this Solar System may have been constructed.

There is evidence that the modern type of humans was created around 350,000 years ago. Due to Glaciations, the core species of the Anunnaki lived mainly around the Equatorial regions. Other kinds lived where they could. After the Anunnaki were defeated by the Aryans, and the cataclysm which followed, humans returned here.

The Jinn Lands could be other planets. There is much evidence that the original Atlanteans frequently had visits from other alien species. These could be altered forms from an original that was used to adapt their metabolisms to planets. The original Atlantean form is really small. Between 10 and 15 centimetres in height.

With the constant advance and retreat of the Glaciers, humans too had to adapt to changing environments. These created bands of temperatures which affected who and what could live there. At the peak of the last Glaciation, those near the Poles had to migrate away from them. Those at the Equator did not need to move at all.

When the Glaciers retreated around 10,000 years ago, people once again moved towards the Poles. There was plenty of space for people to explore. Empires did not begin until around 4,000 years ago with the return of the Anunnaki. If climate change is not a hoax, people may have to move towards the Poles or towards the Equator.


There are some who have suggested that the Wall between the United States America (USA) and Mexico is to stop immigration into the USA in the event that the climate changes for the worse, and people have to move north from Central America. This is a possibility, as the United Kingdom (UK) has done a similar move with the withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

The UK joined the EU in the “hope” that it would prevent war between the countries there. The withdrawal only stops EU immigrants, but as part of the Commonwealth, citizens of former colonies can still apply for UK status. It is not difficult to immigrate if one has over a million pounds in assets and is prepared to set up a business that will make the UK State money. There will be similar laws in the US.

So, it is not immigration as to why the wall and withdrawal has happened. It could be like the Berlin Wall, where it is to stop people leaving these countries. That makes more sense if one looks into United Nations Agendas 21 and 2030. These can only be fulfilled by isolating populations. Methods such as famine, economic destruction and wars, have controlled most less wealthy countries for decades.

Looking at this evidence, it now seems likely that any climate change is being done deliberately, and could have easily been stopped a long time ago. There is always an agenda to everything in this world. Always a way to gain control though manipulating the masses into giving up more of their freedom.

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