Social insects such as ants, bees, and wasps are great allegories and examples of the system we live in. A collective where every interaction of their society benefits those at the top of it. The hierarchy is levels of protection to safeguard those rulers who dominate their lives. They are the ones who really live, while the rest are slaves.

Humans are very like ants. Even though 99% of ants are at first cognition, approx. 87% of humans are too. This shapes our world. Humans live in a collective the same as ants do. Where an ant queen dominates a colony, rulers dominate countries. Our real rulers are often hidden in the background and use inferiors to enforce their will.

A hierarchy can only work if there are people who are willing to enforce the will of the rulers. These governments make sure the workers bees do not try and create their own colonies, but to remain slaves to their ruler. There are to be no rivals. It there were, their system would collapse, and multiple forms of societies would replace it.

As with all collectives, nearly all humans have been brought up believing in this system. Indoctrination starts at an early age. It then becomes a repetitive cycle all through their life. Ants are the same. From the day they emerge from their pupae, they join the collective. It is their religion. Their only belief. This makes both slaves.

Humans have many beliefs, but over 92% of these beliefs are to worship authority, just like the ants do.  Fortunately, there are 8% of humans who are not followers but are at second or maybe even third level cognition. These easily break through those indoctrinations and have the realisation that there is much more to life than worship.

There are ants who have broken away from collectives and control their own lives in small cooperative groups. Even though they are vastly outnumbered, their violence and determination to keep their freedom gives them an advantage. Because they are not slaves, they were able to evolve separately. The ants are called Anarchist Ants.

In human society, just as in ant society, there are those who are stronger than the rest. An elite class and those who are their slaves. Every single human is a slave to death. That is why it is a system where most are at a first level cognitive basis. There are those who preach of an afterlife that has the same system, yet better people?

There is no doubt that those in authority lie consistently, but to think everything is a lie shows a lack of understanding of what it is to control. Authorities will resist change for as long as they can. When they cannot, they will assimilate the change into the collective. They will control the knowledge, just like they done with the afterlife story.

In ant colonies, the ants do not know they are slaves and expect they will eventually become one of the masters. This shows how indoctrination works when it happens from the beginning and passed down. If the slaves lose their faith in this religion and wake up from their bondage, there is nothing at all, that can protect these masters.

It is believed that ants were not always social insects. They began as individuals, in groups and then colonies. Since then, they have behaved the same simultaneously, everywhere on Earth. It has been thought that the ants are controlled as one mind. This mind would, in a way, feed off the energy that the ants produce by their actions.

Ants are the next cruellest species on Earth after humans. This mind that controls the ants would be parasitic. This could be an entity or collective of entities that feed off the energy released when ants consume the resources needed from surrounding environments. Ants are very destructive both to themselves and to other animals.

Ants have no thoughts but to consume, enslave, worship hierarchy, reproduce and spread in a repetitive cycle. In human society, there is the same characteristics. It is just at a bigger level. We have technology, but it is still the same repetitive cycles to consume, enslave, and reproduce. Humans may be being parasitized by entities too.

The way humans and ants behave has been put down to Darwinian evolution and because this is the best way that suits them. This is obviously untrue. They are not acting out of freedom, but through mind control. It is not a choice. Look how many empires have risen and fallen for millennia. This is similar behaviour to ant colonies.

There is no doubt humans and ants are well capable of living independent lives as predators in the animal kingdom. Thousands of years ago, humans were developed from another species here. We were changed by ancient beings to be their slaves. To enable us to act as one under their direction, we inherited a Parasitic Mind Virus.

The purpose for us was to be the same as the ants. To consume, enslave, worship hierarchy, reproduce and spread in a repetitive cycle. Humans are not ants when it comes to cognition. We are aware that there is more beyond just living and dying, even with this mind control. This is because we capable of obtaining consciousness.

This virus is passed through the generations and causes repetitive behaviours. If you look at human society, it has the exact same cycle of empires rising and falling. Our technology has done nothing but to create more slaves. There are energetic entities higher up in the Hierarchy that parasitize the Mind Virus and feed on our emotions.

Everything is energy, including ourselves. We consume energy and so do they. It is obvious when one looks at management and marketing, that those at the top know of these parasitic entities and worship them as their slaves for power here. All the way up the hierarchy is a food chain that feeds the Negative Force of the universe.

The Mind Virus is the part of us that wants all our attention. Our spirit is the quiet part that brings us order to our lives. One could say that everything humanity and also other creatures have built is the result of a virus beyond the scope of imagination. It acts like a type of Satanic god. This hierarchy is the Satanic Matrix of the Demiurge.

At a cosmic level, the same force that controls ants and humans. This invisible force goes back to when the universe was created. Source creates energy, but this was later divided into two forms. Syntropy and Entropy. Syntropy is all freedom, evolution and survival. Entropy is oppression, consumption and extinction. Cosmos and chaos.

The story of Sophia and the Demiurge explains this well. This universe was created by Source (Sophia) and then the first being was the Demiurge. The Demiurge being alone, created subjugates. These were said to be other Archons. This is unlikely as these Archons oppose the Demiurge, creating the Baryonic universe we see today.

Even so, the Demiurge chose the title of god overall and began the hierarchy. There is no doubt its power to create the universe is a fantastic achievement, but that does not justify a parasitic hierarchy. As other beings became manifest, the Cosmic Matrix was designed to enslave everything. Those closest to the Demiurge enforce its will.

The story of the Demiurge hierarchy and of an ant colony is remarkable. Both live in a collective and both have enforcers that control the lesser workers. Humans are the same too. There are the elite and then there are governments to enforce their rule. The rest of the human population are the workers. This system the human matrix.

It is unknown whether the Demiurge can reconnect with Source, rather than being a parasite of its own creation. Most organisms are the same. Most energy comes from the Sun but is consumed indirectly by the killing of other species. If humans become extinct, another species just like them will arise and take their place in this Matrix.

The Matrix is definitely an unnatural and cannibalistic system. Not just parasitism. It has no benefit to even the parasites. The urge to consume can only be overcome by achieving consciousness. The Virus attacks us through our ego. It brings an illusion of names that do not exist outside the mind, especially those indications of authority.


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