The entity associated with this card is linked to Spellcasting. The card is also known as The Fulminated Tower or simply, The Tower. When spells are cast, it takes the form of an Astral Light in the Astral Realm. This is where most effects are “felt” in the Material Realm. Spells can be very useful or dangerous depending on one’s Intent.

The Fulminated Tower represents the Tower of Babel. Humanity’s descent back into the Primitive, after being almost like gods. The two persons represent the Inverted Pentagram. Many of the fallen gods live in this world within the bodies of humans. It is a repeated process through the Ages. The Fall of Man; the failure of the Initiates.

Most people are only soulless creatures that die. Only a part of the person continues for a time before disintegration. The Phantom may become the Ego Soul that drifts into the Realm of Darkness, or the Spirit Soul which drifts into the Realm of Light. It is more likely that one will be subject to the Law of Recurrence and suffer the Return.

Humans are not immortal, but have been told otherwise. Their Ego demands it as a truth. Those who do not believe this also become a powerful force of arrogance. The Ray of Death will then Fulminate and they enter the Abyss. This is the Fatality. It is that one can only become both the Astral and the Mental Christ in order to survive.

Most humans do not use the Superior Mind and the Superior Emotional. These two elements are required to create the Human with the Soul. One can then study the full mystery of life and death. The Great Reality that stands beyond Eternity and Time. The Astral Christ uses the vehicle of the Astral Mind and the Mental Christ is born.

Whomever possesses the Mental and Astral Bodies are the Immortal. The Astral Light shines brilliantly with those who are Alive, but does not shine from those who are Dead. The Christic Human is Immortal, where the Earthly Human is not. Christic shines like the Sun, Earthly like the Shadow. The Christic Human is the achieved!


Symbology on the Card: The card shows a Tower struck by lightning. Those at the top have fallen. One man represents False Science, the other Human Pride. The Two snakes at the bottom are the Two Witnesses that observe both the Good and Bad aspects of humanity. The lightning itself is called, the Astral Fluid or Astral Light.

Card meaning: “You are going straight to your ruin, which will be due to your exaggerated pride, your foolish ventures and your voluntary mistakes.”

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