Many spiritual people talk about this like an illness. This is because it is based on the bias of perception rather than Reality. We see ourselves different from how others see us, and we see the parts of ourselves we like or dislike in others. It is a major cause of emotional suffering and is felt most when one awakens to this world full of lies.

The most prominent lie to awaken to, is to find that most of what we thought about this world is untrue. It is a fabricated reality based on the manipulation of the human “herds” through their emotions. When we realise this, we are deeply hurt as though by a cheating partner of whom we trusted absolutely. But we can no longer deny truth.

Then comes the phase called the “Dark Night of the Soul”. This is where we try to find out who we are, but more importantly, what our real purpose is in this world. This too can be part of ego contamination, thinking we are more than we are, because of the gap between those who are aware of reality and those who are still dreaming reality.

Our Egos are built from learned behaviour. This has been handed down through the generations by indoctrination. Even though most of these beliefs are the illusion of authority, culture as well plays a part in Mind Control. These external manipulations mean nothing. It is like we are a created Phantom that we are projecting onto others.

It is difficult for most people to admit they were wrong, made a mistake or have been fooled. This is the true failure. Not dealing with a negative situation allows it to thrive. Most of our negative experiences come from external sources. Ignoring the negative cannot bring change. A better world can only be achieved by taking positive Action.

The fullest affliction of Ego is Solipsism. This is the belief that only Oneself creates, and others are just ideas of one’s mind. They believe that there is no truth. Life is just an illusion to be ignored. Solipsism is similar to the ideology of Satanism, except that Satanists see existence as just another animal seeking indulgence and gratification.


There is evidence that the Ego is actually a form of energy, but also part of our physiology. This was a surprise until the uncovering of ancient Knowledge that the Archon Iao could only create with this energy. It could not create from Dark Energy like the Archon Yaldabaoth.

In ancient India, there are ancient texts from over 5000 years ago that show how to make a flying vehicle called a Vimana. They also describe different types, how to fly them, the materials used, etc. Some really fascinating stuff.

Most people do not want to know that they have been lied to all of their life from authorities they trusted. This is understandable, but it is getting to the stage where cognitive dissonance is causing a hatred of the truth. This is detrimental to the evolution of consciousness. It is bad enough that most of humanity has been held back by religions.

The word religion actually comes from the word “religare”, which means “to bind”. It is not just religion, but also government. The word government comes from two words, “gubinare” meaning “to control”, and “mentis” meaning “the mind”. Mind Control.

Both religion and government are forms of Mind Control. It does take much observation to acknowledge this fact. Many people just seem to be copies of copies. They put on the television and that is their conversation for the day. They think that media from authorities is truth without any discrimination or critical thinking.

All of the above is reactively denied by the Ego. It is like talking to a program. The most common reason that someone will not accept the truth is because of cowardice. It would mean change, and most people are too comfortable being slaves to a handful of people who control every aspect of their lives.

This link is to a website about ancient Indian flying craft.

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