In the Material Plane, everything is made up of the same conscious energies. This is similar to the Astral Plane, except these are not physical, but Dreams. The Lower Plane or second dimension is the realm of Subconscious thoughts. Willpower is Action in the Material Plane. The lowest dimension is of Instinct and is the Reactive Plane.

As Interdimensional Entities, we are of all the Dimensions, but as humans, we are only aware of the two below and for some, the two above. The Soul begins in the Fifth Dimension. This is the realms of Light and Dark, but there is also Twilight. There are areas in Polarity that can overlap. This too, happens with the Nine Spheres of Reality.

The Divine Prototype stretches from the Fifth Dimension to the Tenth Dimension. The Soul is very individual and even though part of Source Consciousness, it is not the Universe experiencing itself. If one were to put time into all Creation, we are where the Source was a very, very long time ago. This could only be the Source reliving the past.

Everything also has a prototype in the Material Plane. An energy field of being. As one becomes more aware, they begin to “feel” the lives of everything natural around them. One will realise that Nature is far more conscious than humanity at this time. We lose our connection to the Divine Prototype when we are programmed into this Matrix.

If we were to skip all of our education, government, and culture, we would find that when we Awaken, we are who we always were. All of those things in between, are all illusions to create an identity that suits the elite. Be educated. Find a job. Get your own dwelling and transport. Pay taxes for wages, pensions, and services you do not use.

We are groomed by the State to think this is normal, just like in religion where people have no idea who they are worshiping, giving their energy to, are practicing magic or for many, taking part in mock human sacrifice. There is a lull in these practices just now, but if the New World Order succeeds, these will be more frequent and more real.


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