In ancient times, Death was seen as the leaving of this world to go into another. It was not feared as much as in modern times. People may have had little knowledge of bacteria and such, that can infect and multiply within the body. This may have led to a more accepting of Death. Knowing about other entities would also have helped.

Much of this was explained in the previous, Immortality post. This is a continuation of the process from a person’s view. As the hour of death comes, the Angel of Death is at the death bed of the one who is dying. Then cut, is the Thread of Existence. When the last breath exhales, the Angel of Death removes the individual from their body.

With a scythe, the Silver Thread linking the Physical body to the Internal Bodies, is cut. This magnetic cord stretches into infinity. This thread is how we reincorporate into the Physical Body after sleep. The dying one usually sees the Angel of Death. Rather than a gloomy appearance, Angels of Death often appear in a beautiful form.

Angels of Death are never evil as they work under the Great Law also known as the Natural Law. Everyone has their time to be born and their time to die. Three forms go to the grave. The Physical Cadaver, the Vital Body, and the Personality. That which continues is the Ego, the Myself. Many devils of Psychic Aggregates and of Defects.

The Physical Body disintegrates. The Vital Body floats above the grave as a Spectre of phosphorescence. This too disintegrates with the Physical Body. The Personality is a child of its time, born in its time, with no tomorrow for the defunct. It comes out of the grave when someone visits and then returns to the grave. It slowly disintegrates.

It is rare for Essence to free itself for a time into the Causal World. It is possible with the dissolution of the Ego. Egos normally submerge into Mineral or Infernal Worlds. Then comes a new organism. Ego continues in our descendants to repeat the same dramas and tragedies. The Soul Incarnate gets up at death and goes into the Void.


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