“The key to growth is the production of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

Lao Tzu

Consciousness is us as the observer. We are not our thoughts and emotions. They belong to the energy field we are within. The human. Once we realise we are not who we think we are, we can explore our experiences within this life from a different perspective. Then we can become conscious of the world around us at any time.

There is reference to both a lower and higher state of consciousness. The lower state is day to day living and the higher state when we think also of others. This is a very fundamental way of explaining consciousness. It is inaccurate. Consciousness is an experience of an even higher state that has nothing to do with the human ego.

Consciousness is best explained as being in the present; the now. In this state of awareness, we can notice every detail within the surrounding environment. This might take some practice, but once you feel as part of the universe, you can start to accumulate some psychic traits, “magical” abilities and what was occult knowledge.


I created this Writing through the inspiration of a painting I saw. I have put it into a video with computerised voices.


She looks into the mirror. Again, she sees that old, frail, useless woman.
“You are being deceived”, says the voice.
“What?”, she says, frightened that she has lost her mind. She looks around, away from the mirror, but no one is there.
“You are being deceived”, the voice repeats, but she is unable to locate its source. “What you are seeing is what many people want you to see.”

“Why?”, she says, just going along with it.
“Because you seek the truth, this world uses others to envelope those who do so with lies. Look again in the mirror and this time you will see the truth.”
She looks again in the mirror. This time, rather than seeing the old woman, an attractive young woman gazes back with pretty, intelligent eyes. Her manner, strong, intimidating.

“Is this really me?”, she asks amazed, but knowing truth simultaneously.
“You are what you see and much, much more. Go over to the door, open it and look outside”.
She crosses the room, but before opening the door, she asks, “Who are you?”
“I am someone who appreciates you for who you are.”
Knowing truth, she opens the door. Outside the world is dark and almost featureless.

“This is the world that you see outside of you,” says the voice. “The type of world that the dark sorcerers who rule it want you to see. Step forward and see the world from what is within.”
She steps forward. The world begins to change. A radiance begins to spread out in front of her. The light spreads all over the world. What was dark and featureless begins to change. Plants grow, flowers bloom, trees grow twigs and then leaves.

All becomes brighter, better. Birds begin to sing; children laugh in play and adults begin talk to one another enthusiastically. As the brightness spreads to the horizon, a sun rises into a clear blue sky.
“What’s happening?”, she asks the voice.
“You are seeing through the illusion to the beauty that still exists in the world. A world which is so much better just because you are in it. Look at yourself”.

She looks at herself and sees a being of light. “What am I?”
“You are what you have always been. Forever.”
“Then who am I?”
“For that answer, you must look past this world and into the beyond.”

She gazes at the sky. The sky parts, letting her look into the universe beyond. She sees stars, nebulae, galaxies. Looking further she sees more and more of the universe. Eventually she sees the full magnificence of creation. Everything there was, is and will be. All at once.
“All you see is within you,” the voice says and then asks, “Do you know who you are?”
“Yes”, she answers, “I am consciousness.”

Artist: @change.this_world (Instagram).

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