This device is believed to be able to look into the past or future. It is said to be in a large cabinet with antennae made of unknown metals. The screen is connected to a cathode ray tube and has a control panel with buttons and levers. It functions by bringing the electromagnetic residues from the past events into the future and shown onscreen.

Many will think this is not possible, but it is. A basic version of this can be done with a TV screen. It uses the Mind. If one has a black screen, but has an electric current going through it, they see nothing, but a blank screen. If one takes mind enhancing hallucinogenic drugs, the screen changes and pictures begin to appear at random.

These pictures are two dimensional at first, but then are three dimensional. If one were to enter the Jinn State, they become four dimensional. The Jinn State is the condition one is in when sleep walking or just falling asleep or awaking. To find the correct place and time, one must then connect the additional apparatus to tune in.

As the universe was created by sound, there is different resonance frequencies that are dependent on the time and place. One would tune in to Earth’s frequency, that of the universe and that of the past or future. This may be what the buttons and levers are used for. This would take much experimentation, but is achievable over a time.

Many envision the future as an electronic one. Purely artificial. This is untrue. If one looks at the Eagle-headed Anunnaki, they are not using electronics, but has a bag of mind enhancing drugs and a pine cone that is tuned into the frequencies of the Mind. There is nothing there, but pure connection with the natural state of Creation.

The real issue with the past is that our archaeology seems to limit everything within the last twelve thousand years. The evidence of what happened tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago, being documented as happening as recent as four thousand years ago, but no historical writings showing there were world wars around then.


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