Love is essential to progress the Path of Life. As one becomes filled with the Light, they move further away from Klipoth. It does not take much observation to see that the world is in a bad way. This is further damaged by those who are passive. It is as though they see the Light, but then lose it as they return back into the Fantasy.

Many of those who are Awake are not passive, and try to reach out to others, rather than just interact with those whom they happen to cross paths. It leads to rejection in a very consistent manner. The world has so many who are unwilling to change and want to remain in ignorance. This brings righteous anger, frustration, and depression.

One can tell the difference between Christic Love and Human Love. Christic love is a sense that it comes before life and will remain after death. Human love no longer has any value of another, once there is no profit in continuing a relationship. In Christic Love there are no conditions. It is still there after all disappointments and suffering.

There is much media of Soulmates. These are said to share Christic Love even after death. They reincarnate together to either share a life, to help one another, or affect one another at the right time. Christic Love is often rejected in this world, as people seek the Matrix Illusion instead. Christic Love comes to us from the Eternal Flame.

Where the Wetiko Virus is a negative, Christic Love is a positive. It too is a virus, but this one is spread by the Great Work, represented by the Hanging Man Tarot Card. Spirituality may have increased at this time to counteract a threat to our species. Surviving Extinction is not chance, but removal of all forms of predation.

So, to change this world, one must show this Love. Even though it is strongest with the Trinity, all humans are born here with it. One does not need to be Spiritual as it is shown from one’s Actions. The Path of Life is the process from enslavement to Freedom. Freedom has always been focused on Care and will create a better world.


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