“My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place.”


To many modern Alchemists, Christ represents one who has gone through the Process of Spirit and reached Full Illumination. Christ is The Knight of the Minor Arcana, The Magician in the Microcosmic Tree of Life, and Justice in the Macrocosmic Tree of Life. Only the most Spiritual can achieve fully, a powerful connection with Source.

There is much debate on whether Christ is an allegory or was actually alive. Christ can be evoked, and so was once “alive” with a link to this world. When the connection is made, one may receive a knowing of change. This is usually an environment that becomes a much more positive one. The connection depends more on the individual.

The Priest Class had a real issue trying to purge Christ from history. There were too many gospels written and most were within years of Christ’s death. This gives us a much better idea of the true message in relation to how we live today. In fact, it may be more relevant to this time than others, as Christ also went through an Awakening.

Much of the gospels have been overwritten and replaced with many texts from older civilizations. The core of the message is: to find a way to love ourselves and others equally. Christ spoke a lot about the Holy Spirit. That which is found within linked to the Source. The God of Christ seems very different to the one in the Old Testament.

In the gospel, the correct translation is that Christ would replace the Staff of Moses. Christ would be exalted. Titles for Christ were mainly from others. The name, “Son of Man” shows that Christ did not want worshipped. Christ’s servants were Warriors, not Slaves. They were here to create a better world by bringing people closer to Source.

Many saints have been described as removing some Serpent and Dragon worship. Unfortunately, this was used as an excuse for religious conquest. As long as there is a belief in any external authority, there can be no peace. It is not possible. Authority is an illusion that has been made real by people’s selfishness, not by force.


Some of the people who preach about the work of Christ are the most evil people on this planet. Religion, just as in any organisation has people who take advantage of charity and also abuse their authority. Even though authority is an illusion, people have been brainwashed into accepting it as real.

We live in a strange world. Those who seem like great people on the outside, have the darkest souls. Others who seem aggressive, are actually some of the most caring people. It is amazing that people actually live on man-made laws rather than Natural Law. Natural Law is a science woven into the fabric of Creation. It is what keeps it eternal.

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