This can be used for a number of reasons. It is a voluntary act, and so has benefits to both the Mind and Body. In this state, it makes it much easier for any connection with the Higher Self. Some people fast for religious reasons as a penance to any deity. In this post though,Continue reading “SPIRITUAL FASTING”


This device is believed to be able to look into the past or future. It is said to be in a large cabinet with antennae made of unknown metals. The screen is connected to a cathode ray tube and has a control panel with buttons and levers. It functions by bringing the electromagnetic residues fromContinue reading “CHRONOVISOR”


The Ten Sephiroth are the Path of Light, but also of Dark. Conscious and Unconscious. To obtain the knowledge of the Tree of Life, one must understand both paths. The Tree is multidimensional and spans all of Creation. Above Equilibrium is the Tree of Heaven or Truth. Below Equilibrium is the Tree of Klipoth, theContinue reading “TREE OF DEATH”


To understand the Soul, one must know who they are as a human. In life, a human is Mind, Body and Soul. The Mind is Willpower, the Body is Action, and the Soul is where our Knowledge comes from through Intuition. A knowing feeling. As we live here, we start to create an outer soul;Continue reading “THE SOUL’S JOURNEY”


A previous post explained the Nine Worlds one may find themselves in physically, or in the Dream State. From Equilibrium, there are four worlds above and four worlds below. These each have vibrational states that are in aggregate. Obviously, there can be events that will bring imbalance, but unless a constant, the vibration will reset.Continue reading “THE NINE VIBRATIONAL STATES”